Our Crown Princess Mary Obsession #1

It has taken much longer than I had expected, but here in the first post on my own Mary obsession. I would like to have my own finish quick so I can get on with yours as I am looking to post so much! When I first started to find all my stuff, it actually surprised me how much I really have. You all know what’s in my wardrobe because of the previous posts so I decided to skip that part. You don’t have to worry I have much more.

Where I store some of my more then hundred magazines

Right away Mary caught my attention, she was beautiful, she was the princess everybody talked about, she had the story any girl at my age would like to have and I had the feeling that she was a bit magical. You know I was 10. And it for real started when a read an article with a woman who had made a whole wall with pictures of the royals – I had to do the same. Years later Styleofmary came. I always had lots of fun trying to find the thing she wore, it is like a treasure hunt and at a time I was the only one who followed Mary and her style so intensely with so much focus on her wardrobe. Now we are several which has made it a little more difficult to find things before anyone else but this is not the main reason why I like this hobby. For me my readers are way more important and I really like to give all of you an experience when you are visiting my blog. There is no doubt that I’m addicted to royals, especially Crown Princess Mary but I don’t know why it has become an addiction to me. Maybe my blog is the reason?

I'm a bit old-fashioned because I love ‘physical’ magazines!

Sometimes it’s not bad to have en addiction, just look at my. I have this amazing blog and one on a known webside, Royalista. I have had the chance to be interviewed twice, met a very dear woman who now is indispensable in my life. Last but not least I got a really great job where to work with royals! After all my parents, friends and family have accepted that the royal-world is one I can’t live without. Without actually knowing it, they must think I’m a little (or pretty much) crazzy! But I like it.
foto 4Actually my great-grandmother was a royalist too (;
What I hope I’ll get the chance to do next is visiting the exhibition in Odense I told you about two/three days ago and of course I’ll be working with Royalista on some very exiting projects! Hope you’ll join us.

All my royal books and the latest book I have bought!

If you now think : "Hey I also want pictures of my things or links to my favourite mary outfit or a link to my favourite royal book” write to me and let me know. I would love to make each of your posts individual.  

‘Tillykke Danmark’ by Mugge – buy here
”Kongehuset” by Karsten Lindhardt – buy here
”Vild med Mary” by Jim Lyngvild & Karen Seneca – buy here
”Europas Kronprinsesser” by Jim Lyngvild & Karen Seneca – buy here
”Audiens” x2 – buy here
”10 år med Mary” by Kristian Bo Eriksen – buy here
”Se de vinker!” by Bo Møller Andersen – buy here

foto 5
My precious collection of pictures!

I completly forgot this part of my Mary-obsession, maybe the best part – all my 8 folders categorized after Danish desigers, international designers, shoes, hair/hats, bags etc. How could I possible forget this?! This project started several years ago and has taken pretty long time to make. I’m still not finished and I don’t think I’ll ever be. I wish I had more time to do these things but there is simply no time right now. But at least the folders I have now will remain and some day the times up to get started again. Now you might think: ‘she’s crazy’ or ‘how the *** has she had the time to make all this?!’ and I’ll give you the answer; lots of the folders are not done yet, so it’s seems more compleated then it is.

…A sneak peak in some of the folders…

As patron of Rare diagnoses…

Thursday, February 26

… visited Crown Princess Mary the Disability Organization's house in Taastrup, on the occasion of this year's ‘Rare Diseases Day’. She also visited the exhibition which is made to support the Danish Hospital Clowns where children have exhibited their drawings of clowns.

After the visit she handed over this year's Elite Reseach awards on the occasion of Elite Research Conference (EliteForsk) at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek.

- Sn.dk
- Billedbladet.dk
- Ppe-agency.com
- Sjældne diagnoser on Facebook

I love when Mary is with kids! They become so happy to see her (well you know because she’s a real princess) and she just light up, it’s some amazing moments. In a way there are a kind of spontaneous joy…

I don’t know what you think but somehow has Mary chanced her style and added some more cool and ‘rock and roll’ elements like black, leather, gold jewelry and suede clutches/shoes. I actually like that we see another side of her style. Today she wore a brand new BOSS Hugo Boss dress with a leather top and pencil skirt. Under the dress she had a black thin shirt with long sleeves and a collar. After a look at a close up photo of her black suede boots I found out that it’s not the model I first suggested, there is one little different detail on these; a ruffle around the ankle. It seemse to be a Prada model as well take a look at this pair HERE. It’s not easy to see… Still, I like the boots but it just work better when the skirt or dress is right over her knee.

The jewellry she had chosen are from Marianne Dulong. On some very few pictures I have seen a (new?) light brown suede clutch – did you see a glimpse of it? Well it matches almost too perfectly to the brown color on the dress. We know that she has a suede clutch from Hugo Boss, could this also be from that designer? That’s very likely.

BOSS Hugo Boss Women’s Leather & Twill Check Dress DKK 3,935.00

Marianne Dulong Aqua earrings DKK 13,200.00
These stunning earrings are made of 18 carat gold and Tahiti Pearls. I assume the bracelet is from the same collection ‘Aqua’ because they have a similar style. Unfortunately, it is not available in their webshop.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Wednesday, February 25

Crown Princess Mary attended a reception at Christiansborg which should focus on promoting women's rights in companies using CSR.

What is CSR?
CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility and the concept is used in companies' work in relation to integers socially and environmentally with the company's operations and in their interaction with stakeholders. The last few years has this concept become important to run a good business.

- Billedbladet.dk
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- Frederiketmary.centerblog.net

This is really something Mary is very passionate about and have in recent years spent much time on issues relating to women and children's rights. So I think it's a great thing for her to attend a reception like this and of course she was dressed suitable in a pair of simple black pant, a new white blouse with a little collar and a short jacket with a round neckline which made it possible to see the sweet collar on the blouse. At the children relay 2014 she also wore this jacket that’s why I can tell it’s from Prada. Unfortunatly I never had the chance to find the model.

With the grey suede ankle boots and the matching leather clutch she gave the look a twist and it became much more stylish! You might recognize the ankle boots from when she showed up to the CPH Fashion week and wore the new orange-striped jacket from Baum und Pferdgarten. The style is the same and I assume the boots are the same. I try to find them. The jewelry she had chosen was a pair of earrings in two colors – navy blue and dark yellow/mustard yellow and diamonds around the pendant as well. On her right wrist she wore two bracelets both from the Danish goldsmith Marianne Dulong and a gold ring with a light blue stone. 

From the Children Relay 2014 with the same short jacket as she wore over the white blouse.

Marianne Dulong Lumina bracelet DKK 30,750.00
Made of 18 carat gold with 8 diamonds. This is only one of many colors the bracelet is available in. You can also have it in silver, white gold and pink gold. They are all lovely!

Marianne Dulong - PICCOLO armbånd - 18 kt guld - koral, spinel, safir, rubin, smaraged, sort diamant  - DKK 9.800,00
Marianne Dulong Piccolo bracelet DKK 9,800.00
It’s made of 18 carat gold and have several different stones as pendant like coral, black diamond and ruby. We saw it on her the first time when she visited Ethiopia last week.

Photo: Agnés Colbert

‘Danish Fashion Now’

Brandts in Odense makes a new exhibition called 'danish fashion now' where they will show the Danish fashion is a trend right now where they also look at how fashion influences our everyday lives. You can read more about it HERE.

But the main reason why I tell you about this is because the exhibition also contains 10 of Crown Princess Mary’s dresses!!! I really hope I’ll get the chance to visit the exhibition but if any of you are that lucky I would love to hear about and maybe see some pictures. Let me know if you take a visit at the ‘Danish Fashion Now’.

You can visit the exhibition from March 27th until September 13th 2015.

"To you who wonder why I haven’t made any posts about ‘Our Mary obsession’ which I asked you to particiapte in, I have to admit that it has taken way too long. And I’m sorry. What I hope is to be able to make the first post within this week. Are you still up to it? I hope so!!!"

Ethiopia day 3

Wednesday, February 18

At the third and last day in Ethiopia she was in Addis Ababa where she visited a home who helps women and children, she had lunch with members of the civil society to talk about sexual mutilation and then she visited a company who try to be more sustainable. As some of the last things on her trip she visited a hospital and a reception.

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- Myloveforroyals.centerblog.net
- Princessesblog76.blogspot.com

I do not know if I can allow myself to say this but this has to be my favorite day for both Mary and everyone around her shone with delight. All the pictures show how sincerely Mary would like to take care of those who need it Children and adolescents, adults and old were so excited to meet her and so I think she was to met them.

This is how we use to see Mary with a lovely blue reused skirt from the Danish designer Signe Bøgelund-Jensen and a white long-sleeved blouse from Style Butler. One we also have seen before when she was in Myanmar. On her feet she wore her beige Tod’s wedges. As jewelry she had chosen a pair of earrings from the jewelry designer Louise Grønlykke and her ‘PICCOLO’ Marianne Dulong bracelet. The first thing i noticed was the colorful necklace – I think it could be a gift from one of the women she met along her visit. 

Signe Bøgelund-Jensen Double pleated skirt

Style Butler - SUZANNA blouse - $169.13 - model
Style Butler SUZANNA blouse $169.13
A really lovely blouse with some amazing lace details and long sleeves. It is made of 100 % viscose.

Louise Grønlykke Marrakesh earrings DKK 7,500.00
They are made of 18 carat gold and black plated silver and 18 small diamonds. Aren't they stunning?!

Tod's Suede peep toe wedges DKK 2,900.00
They are made of goat leather and the heel is 80mm-3” high. And the color is called ‘soft caramel’. I would really like to see her wear these more, they are really great and matches almost everything!

At the reception

Mary really knows how to dress for a reception! In a brand new black lace dress with a belt in the waist. After a search with a good friend we have almost found the right model with a similar lace and belt, we are pretty sure the black lace dress is from Chloé and now I need your help to find the exact same model. Take a look at what we found and let me know what you think.

As accessories she wore a pair of purple shoes which I think we have seen before at their trip to Poland when she and Frederik celebrated their wedding anniversary and some new earrings which I would like to see in a better picture. At that time I suggested that the shoes were from Jimmy Choo. Have you seen a close up photo of them? And of course there is the new snake clutch but I don’t know the designer yet. Maybe it’s not the best combination of colors but I like the idea.

See By Chloé Cotton-Jersey And Crocheted Cotton Mini Dress in Black                  image       
See by Chloé Black cotton and jersey dress    See by Chloé Short dress

Ethiopia day 2

Tuesday, February 17

Yet another day in Ethiopia where she, with the trade- and development minister Mogens Jensen, visited the city Afambo and a hospital dealing with female genital mutilation, where she met some of the women who had been subjected to circumcision.

- Royalista.com
- Newscom.com
- Rexfeatures.com
- Princessesblog76.blogspot.net
- Frederiketmary.centerblog.net
- Myloveforroyals.centerblog.net

At the second day she had chosen to wear something similar to the outfit from the day before, a brand new shirt from Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt which is from the coming collecting and the reason why I can’t show you any pictures of it yet, some beige/green pants buoyed by a brown BOSS Hugo Boss belt. Then she wore the same New Balance sneakers and bracelet made by Marianne Dulong. It was also the same Prada sunglasses.

What I loved about this outfit is the new shirt with the stunning pattern! I really hope she will wear it again at another occasion, maybe with a pencil skirt? I would be great if you can help me finding the right model of the sunglasses and of course if you know anything about the small golden earrings she also wore at the second day do not hesitate to contact me.

Shirt: Heartmade Maple DKK 1,399

New Balance 996 Suede and Mesh Running Sneakers in Multicolor (beige/gold)New Balance 996 Suede and Mesh Running Sneakers in Multicolor (beige/gold)
New Balance Multicolor 996 Suede and Mesh Running Sneakers €95

Marianne Dulong - PICCOLO armbånd - 18 kt guld - koral, spinel, safir, rubin, smaraged, sort diamant  - DKK 9.800,00
Marianne Dulong PICCOLO bracelet DKK 9,800.00

Ethiopia day 1

Monday, February 16

Crown Princess Mary visited Ethiopia for three days with trade- and development minister Mogens Jensen.

The visit should focus on women's health and rights in humanitarian emergencies and provide information on the subject of female genital mutilation.

It always makes me so happy to have Mary as Crown Princess of Denmark when she is on a trip like this. She shows a lot of attention and care for the people she meets along the way, people who really need it. She was received at the best manners wherever she went. A happy Crown Princess was surrounded by happy people.

When she arrived she wore a simple outfit with a black turtleneck blouse and a navy blue Zara jacket with a pair of black pants.

It is both a different climate and environment that makes course she had chosen something more suitable clothes than she normally do. In order to protect her skin against the sun she wore a very simple shirt with a beautiful pattern from Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt as we have seen her before on a trip like this. In addition, she wore North Face pants, matching shoes from New Balance and old sunglasses from Prada. If you take a look at her choice of jewelry they are hardly visible, but there was a small bracelet from Marianne Dulong and a pair small gold earrings. Whether they old I can’t tell but I haven’t seen them before, but I could be wrong.

Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt Birka blouse DKK 899

Marianne Dulong PICCOLO bracelet DKK 9,800.00
This amazing 18 carat gold bracelet are have several different stones like black diamond, coral,  sapphire, ruby and more.

New Balance 996 Suede and Mesh Running Sneakers in Multicolor (beige/gold)New Balance 996 Suede and Mesh Running Sneakers in Multicolor (beige/gold)
New Balance Multicolor 996 Suede and Mesh Running Sneakers €95
The model shown here are not the exactly same one as those Mary have but the difference is very little – the sole of Mary’s are beige and on this it’s white.

As you know, I started working for Royalista and that's why I'm a bit backwards here. I will continue to have Styleofmary so don’t worry. Sometimes the blog will be updated a little late, I hope you understand.

Skiing in Verbier

Sunday, February 8

It has always been a great tradition that the royal family every year go skiing. It is a tradition both Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim has led to their own families. Queen Margrethe has also repeatedly expressed that she is very fond of skiing. Since Mary came to Denmark, she along with Frederik have loved to skiing, mostly the vacation takes place in Verbier in Switzerland. This year all four children - Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine – enjoyed a week with their parents.

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Mary is undoubtedly helps to determine what her children must wear especially when it comes to outerwear and the right clothes when it comes to skiing outfits. Herself and her husband also wore warm clothes such as their children. All six of them wore clothes from 66 North (Mary’s pants, Josephine’s and Vincent’s suit), The North Face (Isabella’s jacket), Peak Performance (Isabella’s pants) and sweet little Josephine also wore a hat from Mocler. So with the right skiing gear to keep them warm I’m sure they had some great days with lots of snow!

While I was away…

You might have noticed that I was a little late with the last few posts, actually you had to wait over a week to get the news here at Styleofmary. Well, I have a quite good excuse because while Mary participate in several events I traveled to Copenhagen to visit Royalista! They invited me over and I had to say yes. To you who do not know that much about them I can tell that Royalista is owned by the companey Aller Media and made in collaboration with the Royal magazine Billed Bladet. Royalista is a online universe to all of us who are interested in all the royals. Shortly after the side came ‘alive’ I was asked to write a blog for them, which you may remember. A really great opperatunity and know I for the first time had the chance to actually visit the team behind the side – the most amazing people!

The Aller Media logo * The front of Christiansborg castle * Holmens church
After 3 hours I arrived to Copenhagen on January 30 by train and after a little walk I stood in front of a huge (!) glass building with 7 floors – the Aller building. I got a tour of the entire building and was allowed to meet even more nice people who seem all known to me and my blog. It was a pretty weird feeling. We had a chat about a new cool project they right now work on, I’m not sure how much I can tell about it but I can assure you: YOU WILL LOVE IT! What’s more crazy is that I was given the chance to work with the Royalista team on this new project. You might understand that I was pretty overwhelmed by this. A few days after I chose to say yes to the job and will soon be visiting them again. Don’t worry, Styleofmary will still be right here. With a great dinner I went back to my hotel in the evening and the next morning, on January 31, me and one of the sweet woman from the team went to the center of Copenhagen and visited Christiansborg castle which is where the Danish parliament works but the other half (or more then the other half) is The Royal Reception Rooms. Some of the most amazing rooms you will ever see. With huge paintings, even more huge chandeliers in every room, it’s like you entered a whole different world. Before my tour in Christiansborg I went for a little walk around the area because right next to Christiansborg castle is Holmens church, the curch where among others the twins are christened.
This were two really amazing days and I just had to tell you about my little trip! Unfortunately, I became ill with a fever and everything after the two days and that’s why you had to wait even longer to get all the news. Now I'm healthy again and I've tried to update with all the things that are missing.

Congratulations Crown Princess Mary!!!

imageWith a big HURRA (!) Styleofmary wishes her the most amazing and beautiful birthday! I hope she had a great day with her husband and her four lovely children. According to Billed Bladet there were flags around the Amalienborg where the couple live and around the town to celebrate her. I know that women do not like to talk about her age but congratulations Mary with the 43 years.

We all think you still look amazing!

The World Cancer Day: Award

Wednesday, February 4

Crown Princess Mary addended the Danish Cancer Society award which was given in connection with the World Cancer Day. The prize were given to Julie Midtgaard, psychologist and senior researcher, and Morten Quist, research physiotherapist and graduate in health sciences.
The Danish Cancer Society work for the vision “To have a life without cancer” this is done by less people getting cancer, more people who get cancer survives and give them a better life after. This is only a little to know about the organization you can learn more about them HERE.

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It seems like Mary loves to wear black floor-length pants these days because when she arrived to the award she once again wore such a pair with a high waist. Her slim body was showed and with a white blouse with short sleeves it created some volume to the upper part of her body. Some of you have surggest that she is wearing a jumpsuit and not two separate parts. That might be, I haven’t though about it myself but after I had a pictures of a Max Mara jumpsuit I get more and more convinced. At the arrival she wore her long black Prada jacket. It’s a jacket we have seen several times before. Somehow the pitures of this model, disappeared from my folders so if you have some pictures of it please let me know.

The beautiful silver earrings with the light pink pendant are made by Cenius & Bach to Mary, after Frederik gave her a ring from the same designers. She loved it so much she ordered another pair of earrings. You might already know they story but on the back they designed a large ‘M’ for Mary and they placed a little blue diamond somewhere hidden on them to symbolize her royalty.  And around her wrist she had a old Cartiér watch with a black strap.

Under her arm she had a little clutch with her as well and on her feet black pumps. What I really like is her wavy hair!

Max Mara Elegante Estro Jumpsuit in Black
Max Mara Elegant Black estro jumpsuit €831.00
This really looks like Mary’s. There are some differences as you might see but the style are very similar. What have you found? anything interesting…?

Cenius & Bach Flower earrings
The model you see her is made of white gold with diamonds and amethyst pendant. My guess is that the pink pendant could be rosenquartz, a really beautiful stone.

Beause the model is pretty old I can’t find the exact name or model again. But Cartier is one of her favourite brands and she has several differnet models.

Danmark’s indsamlingen

Saturday, January 31

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary particiapte in the charity live show ‘Danmark’s Indsamlingen 2015’ which took place in Copenhagen.

The show is made in collaboration with Denmark’s Radio (DR) and Denmark's 12 largest humanitarian organizations and since 2007 have Denmark collected more then DKK 600 million and by these money helped more then 7 million people. You can read more about it HERE.

- Billedbladet.dk
- Dailymail.co.uk
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- Princessesblog76.blogspot.com

Maybe Mary did not looked her best but I really like the fact that she wore something very differnt that she use to. The new long coat got a new ‘look/style’ a bit more cool then she often wears, this I like especially with her feminine hair do. And it has some great details, you’ll see that if you take a closer look at her. Well you might also want to know that the coat comes from BOSS Hugo Boss. When she found her seat next to Frederik, she wore a black dress and a black cardigan from the Danish brand Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt.

As accessories she had chosen a matching black leather pumps which could be her model from SAND and once again her shiny black crocodile clutch from Carlend Copenhagen. A funny thing is that her husband’s shoes matched hers! The small diamond earrings give the outfit a simple, stylish and polished look.

They both seemed to have had a great night together.

BOSS Hugo Boss Black long coat with a belt It’s a pretty new coat because it comes from the Fall/Winter 2014 collection. This collection focus on tailored outerwear with a military-inspired look. It also comes in beige.

Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt Yrsa cardigan DKK 1,559.00Even though it’s a simple black cardigan with lace it is made of silk and cashmire and makes any outfit elegant. The model are made in several colors and with prints.

Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa clutch DKK 8,500.00

The Women’s Board Award

Friday, January 30

This year it was the second time The Women’s Board Award has been given and 200 people were invited togehther with Crown Princess Mary to attend the awarding.
The Women’s Board Award helps strengthen the relationship in Danish companies and turning negativity in relation to gender into something positive for a company. Read more about i HERE at their official page.

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- Real-myroyals.blogspot.com
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- Princessesblog76.blogspot.com

Finaly we get to see her a little more often again! But Friday was a hard day with all these fashion events and now the Women’s Board award. Even though it had been a tough day she smiled and looked great as usual in an outfit we have seen twice before in 2012 when she addended the 60 year anniversary of the Twin Registry and in 2013 when she participate in the launch of the UNFPA’s population report. Actually she had not change much to the outfit. She wore a grey/blue (?) short jacket with 5 large buttons down front, a pair of black pants and with the simple chose of accessories she really looked stylish. A bit of creative hairstyle would have given the look something i little more exiting maybe.

In her ears she wore earrings from the Ole Lynggaard ‘Winter Frost’ collection and her black leather clutch is the model ‘Vanessa’ made by Carlend Copenhagen. She matched it with a pair of black gloves to keep her fingers warm. Around her wrist, right hand, you can see several different bracelets – the one is differnetly from the Danish goldsmith Marianne Dulong but the other once am I not sure about. The is a new one but I haven’t been able to identify it yet. It has very much the same style as Marianne Dulong. The thing I think is the most interesting are her pumps, they are not knew at all but it’s not very often we have seen her in them and I sort of like them pretty much. Several years ago I got a mail from a reader who told me they were from an old Max Mara collection, she knew because she also owned a pair. 

Ole Lynggaard Winter Frost earrings DKK 29,500.00
The earrings are made of 18 carat white gold and have 46 diamonds. The earrings makes it possible to use a pendant, such as Mary does, or like you see them here.

Marianne Dulong Ellipse bracelet DKK 20,450.00Here we have a bracelet made by some of the best goldsmith’s in Denmark, it’s made of 18 carat gold and has 5 diamonds. Marianne Dulong’s jewelry have since Mary came to Denmark, been some of her favourite which I fully understand. Each piece are amazing and incredible beautifully made.

Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa clutch DKK 8,500.00This clutch is made of crocodile skin and can be used with or without a shoulder strap. So you have multiple functions with this one bag. Every single one of them are special and made in ways which takes care of the environment, the traditional craft and ethical.

Max Mara