Day 2. Visit to Ethiopia

Tuesday, February 17th

Crown Princess Mary and Minister of Trade and Development Mogens Jensen are visiting Ethiopia from February 16-18th. The visit focuses on women's health and rights in humanitarian emergencies and provide information on the subject of female genital mutilation.

It is now two days since the Crown Princess arrived to Ethiopia late in the evening. Yesterday the official program started with a visit at a refugee camp in Southern Sudan, Ethiopia. On Tuesday Mary and Minter of Trade and Development Mogens Jensen visited the village Afambo where they got to meet many of the townspeople. Both of them were invited to a little meeting with the people living in Afambo. Later in the afternoon the Crown Princess visited a hospital dealing with female genital mutilation, where she met some of the women who had been subjected to circumcision. From what I see, hear and read then this made a huge impression on her. For those of us who have never been their on our own, I'm not quite sure we will ever understand what these people are going through -under what conditions they are living. Something we will never understand. No people on earth should ever experience what they live with every day. 

On her second day in Ethiopia Mary was dressed in beige trousers and a printed shirt. With sunglasses she protected her eyes from the sun and with her hair in an updo, I'm sure she tried to stay alive in the heat. 

Blouse: Heartmade Julie Fagerholt Maple
Belt: Hugo Boss
Sunglasses: Prada
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Piccolo Bracelet
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Band Ring

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