The Crown Princess Mary obsession #1

It is with great pleasure I am finally ready to present the first post of many (hopefully) on our Crown Princess Mary obsession. Quite some time ago, here, I asked you to join my little challenge telling me and my readers about why you fancy following the Crown Princess. At that time I told you that the first one would be the one where I shared my own little 'obsession', how it all started and what I have been able to collect through my time as royalist. Another reason why I have chosen to share my own hobby first, is because I really just want to get started on your post. It took way longer than I expected but here it is. When I first began to look for things to take pictures of relating to the royal family and especially Mary, I was quite surprised how much I have collected throughout the years. On precious occasions I have share with you things that are stored in my wardrobe which is why I decided to skip that part. Don't worry, there are much more to go.

Just a little something before we get going. If any of you, who participate my challange, read this post and think: "Hey I also want pictures of my things etc." then please let me know. Almost anything is possible.

My collection

Here are some of my magazines stored

As many others, Mary caught my attention right away when she first appeared in the Danish media. She was this beautiful and natural Australian girl who was about to marry the Crown Prince of Denmark. She was the 'true princess' everyone talked about. She had the story any girl in the world would like to have. It was all a bit magical. At that time I was about 10 years old. The main reason why I started to collect magazines and clippings was because I once saw a women who had an entire wall covered with pictures of the royals -I just had to have one myself. The blog universe came years later. I always had lots of fun trying to find the clothes and accessories Mary was wearing. To me it is like a treasure hunt and at one time, I was one of the only ones online following Mary and her style this closely. My intention with a blog was to share my passion about the Crown Princess, fashion in general and the fact that I missed a blog focusing on every little part of her outfit. No one was doing that. Now, when Style of Mary is a part of my everyday life I have come to the conclusion that my readers are what really matters to me and right from the beginning my intention was to give followers an new and 'unusual' experience visiting the blog. 

Just a little peak into my collection of magazines counting
more than I could ever have imagined

Because of my interest in royals it has become more than just a hobby. Kinda an addiction. But sometimes that is not bad. Look at me; I have the most wonderful blog with incredible readers from round the world sharing their life with me. I am a part of Royalista too. Something I never would have imagined, even not in my dreams. My blog has brought me so far in life. I have been interviewed twice for both a magazine and another royal blog which was an amazing opportunity. After my parents, friends and family have accepted that I can't live without my royal fascination everything has become much easier. An advise for you who consider a blog on your own; then tell everybody about it as the first thing. I know it is not easy and you might be afraid of what they may thing,  but it makes life easier afterwards.

foto 4My great grandmother was a royalist too and the main reason
why I have magazines from even the year I was born

Answering my own question on what I would like to do next, then it simply has to be visiting Brandts in Odense and see the exhibition were ten of Mary's dresses will be exhibited. Hope that will become a reality within a short time. And of course about Royalista is going to be so much fun. I can't wait to get started and share my experiences with you. 

Books are a girls best friend! I love my royal books. I'm sure my collection of books with
expand in the future. Do you have any books you can't live without?

Tillykke Danmark by Mugge, here
Kongehuset by Karsten Lindhardt, here
Vild med Mary by Jim Lyngvild & Karen Seneca, here
Europas Kronprinsesser by Jim Lyngvild & Karen Seneca, here
Audiens, here
10 år med Mary by Kristian Bo Eriksen, here
Se de vinker! by Bo Møller Andersen, here

foto 5
My precious collection of clipping! Here all my clippings are stored,
categorized after clothes and accessories. This is a project I have been working on for years and
I am not quite.... done yet. 

I almost forgot the part of my collection I'm the most proud of -my eight categorized folders. You see pictures of them above and below. These are categorized after Danish and international designers, shoes, hats, bags etc. This project of my obsession I started several years ago and it has taken hours (!) to come this far. I am still not finished and I don not think I will ever be. Such things takes lot of time. I wish I had more time to do these things, but there is simply no time right now. At least what I have done will remain and some day it is time to get started again. When I think about it; I love these on-going projects.

This was just the first of many posts I hope to make in the future. I aim to inspire all of you with these posts; inspire you to speak out laud about your royal interest which might not always be as easy as it sounds. Aren't you looking forward to the next one?

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