Day 3: Official Visit to Germany

Thursday, May 21

Program: Munich
  • 9:00 am. Grand opening of the business delegation in Munich
  • 10:00 am. Visiting the seminar Healthy Living
  • 12:00 pm. Participateing in the opening of the Fritz Hansen exhibition
  • 1:00 pm. Launch with all danish and german seminar participants
  • 3:00 pm. Visiting the Fraumhofer Institue
Program: Crown Prince Frederik
  • 10:40 am. Visiting the Tasty- and Stylish Living event in Freiheizhalle 1 1 1 1

Even though the lack of colours on this trip to Germany on Mary, I'm think it's great to see her in the reused white JOSEPH dress with what I'm sure is a beige rivets belt from Valentino. As yesterday Mary repeated the succes of making the apple pasta (?) in Munich. What I like about this outfit compared with the first time she wore the dress with the belt is the fact that her hair is in a updo. That really made me happy and even more because it's that beautiful. It shows her porcelain face. She wore the outfit back in 2014 at the FRS Award. Earrings is from Marianne Dulong with large freshwater pearls. The clutch could be her suede Hugo Boss, a little hard to tell. Let me know if you find the right one. Her pumps are from Christian Louboutin.

When parcipating in the opening of the Fritz Hansen exhibition, Mary got the change to sit in one of the famous 7' chear in almost every colour patchwork and here her white dress was so perfect. Both the chear and her matched. This was the final day in Germany and it differently ended with manner. Good looking in her JOSEPH dress and then some wonderful pictures of her getting a gentle kiss for her husband. We need more of these trips! Thanks for following the visit with me here on Styleofmary.

Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Dress: JOSEPH Lynne belted dress €494
Clutch: Hugo Boss Beige Suede Clutch Bag Soada?
Belt: Valentino Beige Rivets Belt?
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Simple Pumps 100mm in Nude

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  1. Many thanks for the quick updates, links and information from Mary and Frederik's trip to Germany

    1. You're welcome! I enjoy when Frederik and Mary are going on such a trip then we get lots of pictures (which I'm able to show now, yeah!) and it always lovely to se them together :)

      Thanks for reading and following their trip with the rest of us on Styleofmary.