Watching 'Tosca' in the Opera

Sunday, October 12th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary watched the opera Tosca in the Opera, Copenhagen.

Really, the Cron Princess is so busy these days. Sorry that my posts are a little delayed, but I have much to do right now. Luckily, I have patient readers that have the time to wait for my posts. Well, Frederik and Mary spend their afternoon together at the Opera in Copenhagen watching Tosca. It was first played back in 1910 and multiple times after, as  back in 2006 and 2011. Now the opera is performed all over again because of the major success and this time the Crown Prince couple were invited as guests of honor. The Opera is placed right across Frederik VIIIs palace with only a canal separating them, which is why they went for a little walk before the little boat trip. Something I really never get tired of. Both seemed in a wonderful mood. The couple were quite popular a both sides of the canal. I have the feeling this more like a private evening for the two of them, than a public event in their official calendar. But it was. Leaving the Opera I sense they had enjoyed the evening watching Tosca. 

White Frederik was in a classy suit, his wife was dressed in an elegant white and navy blue outfit. I love when Mary wears that navy blue colour. It makes her look so beautiful and as usual then it was a very well-done outfit with all it takes! Everything matched perfectly. A detail that made her look even more stunning the diamond earrings from Marianne Dulong featuring blue pendants which can be changed, but this time she had chosen a pair of blue drop shaped stones. Over that navy blue Prada dress, she wore a white Prada jacket with large white buttons. It’s a jacket we have seen her wear several times before and if I’m right also with this specific dress. Since we saw the dress the first time so many people have been looking almost everywhere to find it, including myself. After a while she once showed up in a similar dress but without the peplum around the waist. Some guessed that she might had been altered but I do not believe in that. It’s not something Mary does often with ready-to-wear pieces like this one. And actually I was right; the dress is not altered. It comes with a detachable peplum. As simple as that the mystery has been solved about the two similar dresses. Two other accessories perfectly matching the rest of the blue outfit, is the Rupert Sanderson pumps and a clutch from Quidam. First I had Carlend Copenhagen in mind but quickly I found out that is was not correct. Pernille is the reason why her Quidam clutch has been found. 

Coat: Prada
Dress: Prada
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Lotus
Clutch: Quidam Blue Alligator Clutch
Shoes: Rupert Sanderson Winona Navy Patent Pumps 100mm

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