The schools exercise day 2014

Friday, October 10th

Crown Princess Mary visited Arena school in Greve on the schools national exercise day. The Crown Princess is patron for School for 200 years which was the reason for her visit.

All year we have celebrated one specific thing in Denmark; the fact that we have been able to go to school for now 200 years! Yes, 200 years. That is just incredible and worth celebrating. It also takes the right patron and who else then Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is able to represent this project? No, right? So she has participated in multiple events already in different cities all around Denmark the past year. It is also the main reason why she was invited to attend the schools national exercise day at Arena school in Greve. Here Mary was welcomed with waving flags, flowers and smiles by the school's pupils. Also Minister of Education Christine Antorini was present at the event. During her time at Arena school she was the one giving the sign for a run to begin, she had fun with balloons and seemed like she had all the time in the world talking with the kids. "12 points goes to Mary" for her sincerity and calmness. 

While the children were dressed for physical activity, Mary had chosen a pair of new black wedges boots (unfortunately, not identified yet), black trousers and a matching shirt. But of course this was not the first we noticed, that new colourful Etro coat was. I assume it is from their 2013 collection based on the date the article is dated with. It features lovely long sleeves and a magnificent pattern. She embraced the rather relaxed style by wearing her golden Cartiér watch, a pair of diamond earrings and two golden Marianne Dulong rings featuring two different stones. Well, that did not sound very relaxed or casual at all. She was also wearing a few bracelets, among others a multi coloured rubber bracelet (very popular among kids these days) and her golden bracelet from Shamballa Jewels seen countless times before at all kind of occasions. But the best part -her smile!

Coat:  Etro Paisley-Print Tweed Coat 
Watch: Cartier Tank Francaise 
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet w. Argyle White Diamond Pavé
Ring: Marianne Dulong Pacific Ring, Big
Ring: Marianne Dulong Pacific Ring, Small

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