Day 2: Visit to Myanmar

January, 11th

Crown Princess Mary is visiting Myanmar from January 10-12th accompanied with the Danish  Minister of Development, Rasmus Helvig Petersen. The visit focuses on women and girls' rights in the third world which Crown Princess Mary has been very committed to fight for.

Crown Princess Mary visiting the Buddhist temple Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon

From early morning Mary was already on the move, she visited the marvelous and world famous Buddhist temple Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar. Traveling to Myanmar without visiting the 2,500 year old temple in Yangon isn't complete. So of course Mary also plaid some time to go to the temple. Truly amazed like every other tourist Mary took his time to quality wander around on her own and admire the Golden Pagoda, bare feet as everyone else. The overwhelmingly and eye catching Shwedagon Pagoda is covered with hundreds plates of gold and on the top of the stupa is encrusted with 4531 diamonds. The temple is truly remarkable such as the almost magical atmosphere! I recommend you to read about it here, the history is fascination. Although Mary caused a stir, she did what she could not to disturb the many praying visitors who use the place as a shrine. Everywhere is gilded Buddha statues and visitors wearing the most beautiful flower wreathes. I'm almost hypnotized by looking at the published pictures from her visit with the temple in the background! Make a quick search and you will see the most fantastic picture. I found one to share with you, isn't I beautiful?! She rang one of the old large bells and placed flowers at a Buddha. She was accompanied by Rasmus Helveg Petersen during her tour at the Shwedagon Pagoda temple which whom she is traveling with on this trip.

Beautiful isn't the word to use when describing Mary's outfit. Despite we have already seen it when she attended a group photo with the employees of the hotel she's staying at in Yangon. The magical atmosphere and Mary in her casual outfit was a stunning combination. What's not to love? I have no doubt that her maxi skirt is from Hugo Boss (collection 2011) despite the fact that I have never actually found the skirt as a model only dresses with the exact same print. Still there is no doubt in my mind. The white Style Butler blouse makes a match with the skirt. It features some lovely lace details at front and looks very comfortable to wear. That every woman can learn from Mary; it's how to pack a suitcase. Everything in her suitcase it's possible to mix and match in several different outfits, everything from clothing's to accessories. I'm sure she has help to pack the right items before an official trip but still I like how she manage to combine all of her things. For instance she was wearing her expensive Jewlscph earrings and the Ivory Bogota bracelet at yesterday's visit as she did when she arrived to Myanmar the day before yesterday. The necklace is an old favourite designed by Charlotte Lynggaard, daughter of goldsmith Ole Lynggaard. What's special about this necklace and the small silver penguins is the fact that some of the money from the sale goes to support people with clean water in the third world. From Ole Lynggaard she wore diamond rings and the little black tassel pendant. Her makeup and hairstyle were as casual as the rest of her look. 

Blouse: Style Butler Suzanna Blouse $65
Skirt: BOSS Hugo Boss Printed Maxi Skirt
Earrings: Jewlscph Flower Glam DKK 23,299
Necklace: Charlotte Lynggaard My Friend
Tassel pendant: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Design Pendant in Silk €60.00
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands w. Diamonds
Bracelet: Ivory Bogota Palm Seed Bracelet DKK 299

Crown Princess Mary arrived to Switte 

Along with the Danish delegation and Rasmus Helveg Petersen, she arrive later in the afternoon to Switte. Only a very few pictures have been published or they are just incredible hard to find. There is also a lack of informations. It was obvious that the area she has arrived to lives spartan. Facing the reality Mary was moved by what she saw. Now it seems wrong talking about what she was wearing because it's really not that important how expensive her new dress is or which pair of shoes she was wearing. That is why I have decided not to write more about clothes and fashion in this post. Now it's up to you what you pay attention to. You see what I know about her outfits down below. The trip is all about how Mary try to improve the living condition in the third world and I love her for that. She is committed in a way we only see at only a handful of people does. What's good about Mary is that she follows her heart in her work to improve the world we live in.

Dres: Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt Printed Silk Dress (pre-spring 2014) DKK 3999
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Delphis 
Bracelet: Ivory Bogota Palm Seed Bracelet DKK 299
Shoes: Jimmy Choo Gilbert Leather Pumps

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