Day 1: Visit to Myanmar

January, 10th

From the 10-12th of January, Crown Princess Mary is visiting Myanmar to focus on women, their rights and in general focus on the discussion on these topics which still is cause for many correspondences. Crown Princess Mary is traveling with Minister of Development, Rasmus Helvig Petersen.

Arrival and welcoming by Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon's GM and management in Yangon

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth , Crown Princess of Denmark welcomed by Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon 's GM and management
Opslået af Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon på 10. januar 2014

Only ten days after the three new year receptions Mary is already on her first official visit in Myanmar to focus on women, their rights and in general focus on the discussion to improve women and girls' living standards. It is planned for her to stay in Myanmar from January 10th-12th accompanied by the Danish Minister of Development, Rasmus Helvig Petersen. She arrived in the morning and was checking in at the Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon where she was warmly welcomed with flowers given by the staff and management. They all seemed so happy to see her and the fact that a Crown Princess would stay at their hotel because of her visit to the country. The photo above is from her arrival to the hotel taken from their Facebook page. Minister of Development was also staying at the hotel welcomed just as Mary was. Another photo was taken by her and the staff which clearly shows how proud they all were to meet the Crown Princess. She was smily and friendly as always, ready to participate in the next few days events. Only a few hours later she was already attending the first event in Yangon.

Taking group photo _ Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth , Crown Princess of Denmark and Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon's GM & Management
Opslået af Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon på 10. januar 2014

From Denmark to Myanmar is a long way to travel. Normal people travel dressed sloppy and a little too casual but Mary is not like anyone else because she was indeed casual dressed but the difference is huge from what I would travel in. When I see Mary in this outfit I get so inspired to try something like similar when I will be traveling the next time. She was polished in her classy outfit wearing all reused clothes and accessories. What characterize this look is the fact that every single item are parts of the perfect basic wardrobe -a blazer, nude pumps and a leather bag. The lovely navy blue blazer and printed blouse are both from Zara and both seen before. Most of you may remember that she wore this combo at the arrival to London when Mary along with Frederik, Prince Christian and Princess Isabella attended the Olympic Games in 2012. Mary and the children arrived to London by the ship Dannebrog where they also stayed during the trip. The black trousers makes the outfits a bit more professional though her arrival to Myanmar was more or less unofficial. What you do not see is the stunning earrings from Jewlscph; earrings shaped like flowers. Really pretty. A little sparkling accessories is always good. Mary added her grey Prada bag and beige patent pumps which gave her a classic and feminine expression. The wavy hair looked elegant and casual at the same time. A dazzling outfit I'd love to try myself as soon as possible!

Before I go on, I think it's worth mentioning what she was wearing on the group photo taken with the staff of Hotel Royal Lake Yangon because I think this would do great as a vacation outfit. I like the way she wear maxi skirts. I often need some inspiration how to wear these because you need to find something that balance top and bottom. Of course this all depend of your personal style, you hight, shape etc. But Mary's outfits is a really beautiful example. She wore her grey printed Hugo Boss (collection 2011) maxi skirt featuring a quite significant print which I think would do as a blouse as well. I assume she's might wore it ballet flats. Well, back to her clothes. She matched the maxi skirt with a white lace Style Butler blouse. Simplicity is sometimes the best. By the way I adore her hair, so lovely. Around the neck she wore a necklace from Danish jewellery designer Charlotte Lynggaard who is the daughter of Ole lynggaard. Her designs are incredible, truly admired by me. The design of Mary's necklace which features penguins, is created in collaboration with the Children's Foundation (Børnefonden) and 10% of the price from each sold jewellery goes to renovation and creation of wells in Togo. 

Earrings: Jewlscph Flower Glam DKK 23,299
Blazer: Zara Blue Jacket with Metallic Buttons
Bag: Prada Grey Tote Handbag
Shoes: Jimmy Choo Gilbert Round-Toe Pumps $175 (pre-owned)

Blouse: Style Butler Suzanna Blouse $65
Skirt: Hugo Boss Orange Printed Maxi Skirt
Necklace: Charlotte Lynggaard My Friend

Crown Princess Mary visiting the UNFPA's Youth Development Centre in Yangon

Only a few hours after Mary arrived to Myanmar she was already on the road. The first stop was at the UNFPA's Youth Development Centre in Yangon. She was warmly welcomed at the arrival by the volunteers and the centers residents. During her visit, where she was accompanied by Danish Minister of Development Rasmus Helvig Petersen, she had the chance to meet and talk with some of the volunteers working for UNFPA who is working to ensure that every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe and that young people do not get HIV/AIDS. Some of these subjects was also discussed and Mary involved herself in the talk with no problem talking about what other might think as an embarrassing topic. She was also introduced to their working methods and tools which include dance and songs. Some of songs and dances were preformed in honor of the Crown Princesses visit. It was a truly committed Mary who visited the Youth Development Centre. I think it was a true experience for her to meet and talk to the young people staying at the centre. It gives her experience for her future work and of course personally. In addition, I believe that it is important for the young people that Crown Princess listening to them although she comes from afar. I think she listens to those she meet with great interest which makes us love her even more. She takes the time to listen and it shows. After her visit at the Youth Development Centre, she visited the Marie Stopes International Clinic in Thingangyun in Yangon. The Marie Stopes International Clinic is a global organization working with family planning, infant care, HIV testing and treatment. Everything what this visit in Myanmar is about: improving health care offers.

I really praised her outfit at the arrival to Myanmar and what she changed to surprised my -in a good way. The floral printed trousers is differently the first to notice. Am I right? One can not fail to notice them because it is quite unusual to see Mary wear such pair of trousers. Its colours and print just makes me happy and with the white lace blouse she looks both casual and chick. Makes me think of  summer, sun and a trip to the beach. I had two brands in mind about who have designed her new floral trousers -Topshop or Zara. Because they look like a high street item. They have now been identified by my most beloved reader Pernille who found them at... Zara (Autumn 2012). So I was actually right with what I had in mind. And of course, thanks to Pernille because of her incredible help! I like the fact that she wore a white blouse with the floral printed trousers, it provides a good balance. Still I do not know where the blouse is from. Rabens Saloner was my first guess but it's not. Do you have an idea who could be the designer? So far I think it's the first time she has worn it. The blouse features a lace design at front in the neckline, maybe will help you find it. Something we have seen Mary wear before is the brown pumps which makes a great match to the trousers and belt in the same lovely brown colour. It has been told that he pumps should be Christian Louboutin but I doubt that. I haven't identified yet but I think Ralph Lauren could be a possibility because they have shoes featuring that kind of sole. I do not know anything for sure. You are more than welcome to help me in my search. I just manage to find a picture where we see the earrings she was wearing at the visit  a UNFPA and later at the Marie Stopes International Clinic. What I see is a pair of Marianne Dulong earrings that features a black sea pearl instead of the white pearl. These have also been seen before and is by the way the biggest trend right now. 

Trousers: Zara Floral Print Trousers £40.00
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Catena Earrings DKK 3,400
Bracelet: Ivory Bogota Palm Seed Bracelet DKK 299
Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Ralph Lauren ?

Crown Princess Mary and Rasmus Helvig Petersen at a reception

In the evening Mary and Minister of Development Rasmus Helvig Petersen attended a reception for Danes and employes of Danish companies in Myanmar as well as NGOs and other partners in Yangon. Even though the two Danes were closely followed by the press at the reception there was also time when they were on their own. Private photos were taken and Mary seems to enjoying everyones company. Very few information's have been published from their evening else than Mary had time to meet and smalltalk with among others representatives from Danish companies in Myanmar. I would really prefer to talk about the evenings outfit because what a way to end her first day in Yangon?! She was wearing a brand new silk dress from Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt (Pre-fall 2013) that features the most incredible print. Kinda exotic print which she perfectly complete with her exotic leather sandals from Ralph Lauren. I think the colours of the new dress gives her a certain glove and matched her dark brown hair beautifully. I would love to wear a dress like this! She is so appropriate dressed and still super stylish. To match the black belt on the dress she wore a leather bracelet, also new, from Naledi Copenhagen that looks fantastic and gives the outfits a edgy vibe. Mary also accessorized her reception-outfit with Jewlscph earrings, her Ivory Bogota bracelet and dazzling rings from the Danish jewellery designer Ole Lynggaard. Her hairstyle and makeup was a little more dramatic than she is use to. But I love it! I think this has been a great first day and I really look forward to follow her the next few days. Hope you have turned in on the blog to keep update with me on her stay. 

Dress: Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt Printed Silk Dress DKK 1750
Earrings: Jewlscph Flower Glam DKK 23,299
Bracelet: Naledi Copenhagen
Bracelet:  Ivory Bogota Palm Seed Bracelet DKK 299
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Love Bands w. Diamonds
Shoes: Ralph Lauren Beige Exotic Leather Heels (on sale) €250


  1. I read in Hello that Crown Princess Mary was voted "most elegant woman of the year"!

    1. How amazing!! Elegant is also one of the best words to describe her, if you ask me :)