World Econimic Forum

January, 23

From the 20th to the 24th of January, Crown Princess Mary take part in the World Economic Forum's (WEF) annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. The meeting takes place every yeas and because of her knowledge and social work because of the Mary Foundation attended Crown Princess Mary this year.

I have never heard about the World Economic Forum, what is it?
The World Economic Forum is an international committed institution who improves the state of the world through public and private cooperation. The foundation is non-profertable and was established in 1971 in Geneva, Switzerland. With the work of stakeholders, political and academic etc., they try to define the 3 things; Challenges, Solutions and Actions. All the in spirit of the global citizenship. Read more about their interesting work here. 1 1

Without drawing too much attention to herself, did Mary attend this years World Economic Forum in Switzerland. Wearing black trousers and in the same colour a turtleneck blouse, over she wore her red and white Etoile Isabel Marant jacket. Earrings and bracelet are both from the Danish jewellery designer Marianne Dulong. It was a very interested and attentive Crown Princess who diligently attended the meetings. Among others, Mary had the change to talk to Hilde Schwab the director and co-founder of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. Read more about the foundation here. She is also married to the founder of the World Economic Forum, Professor Klaus Schwab.

Later she changed clothes to a kerosene colored blouse, which I do not know where's from, and a Prada jacket with black sequins and diamond Ole Lynggaard earrings from the most stunning collection ever made in my opinion Winter Frost. To the jacket is a skirt but I think Mary wore black trousers.

Jacket: Etoile Isabel Marant Ariana Heather Striped Jacket in Red
Earrings + Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Aqua DKK 13,200
Braclet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet


Jacket: Prada
Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Winter Frost Earrings 

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