Day 1: New Year Reception + Happy New Year!

January, 1 2013

I hope you had a fantastic evening with friends and family. I'm so ready for one more year with all of you, hope you are as well. Hopefully the year will bring lots of new pictures, family vacations, official visits and news that will excite us all and of course I hope for plenty of new dresses, gown and accessories! Once again I will take this opportunity to thank every one of you, those who have helped me this year with pictures, information etc.. When I established Styleofmary a year ago I had no idea it would become such a success and that's just because of you! Thanks.

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik hosted the traditional New Year gala for the Danish government, public figures and the court. is holding a New Year's gala for the Danish government, public figures and the court. Crown Princess Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attended the gala dinner.

To me it's nerve-wracking to follow the night live and the seconds before they step out of the car my heart stop beating..! We wait a year to see what she'll be wearing at a night like this and it take a real woman to dress for a gala night like this, the biggest dinner of the year - the New Year gala dinner. In a bright orange creation made by Jesper Høvring, Mary arrived with Frederik in his uniform. The dress is made of two different orange fabrics, the upper part of the gown is made like a cross of pleated silk like the skirt which features a small train. This wonderful creation is the first made by Jesper Høvring to the Crown Princess and this dress should become one of the most spectacular of them all. The orange colour was chosen because she had never, until 2010, worn a orange evening gown before. On her right side of her hip she placed the brooch from the ruby parure. It features no sleeves and a wide neckline in the same shape of the chain (shaped like elephants) of the Order of the Elephant. It's a gown we only can dream about. Actually she wore the dress on the pictures which was taken to the broadcast Inside the Royal House (Kongehuset Indefra, 2011). Beautiful!

Jewellery: The Ruby Paure 
Dress: Jesper Høvring
Clutch: Judith Leiber 


  1. So disappointing :( I really hate that dress. It's the worst dress she has ever worn in my opinion. Jesper Høvring usually designs amazing dresses. But not this one.

    Princess Marie on the other hand looked breathtaking!

  2. I agree. I never liked that orange dress either.

  3. To Mariam Dad & Charlotte:
    I am absolutely not disappointet, I think the orange dress is so beautiful on Mary. And it looks so good to her dark hair. But, I also have to say that I think Jesper Høvring usually make another style. The best dress he has made to Mary, is the one she had on to Victorias wedding! If you ask me.

    About Maries dress I was more... shocked. Because of the bag of the dress. It certainly don't like the dress. But the color is SO great on her.


  4. This orange dress is not my favorite. Yet, Mary is able to look stunning anyway and always fresh like the first time she wore it. Marie dress is toooooo much distractions for her height. But the colour is wonderful, and at least she wore something new for NEW Year. ;)


  5. Hi Lu
    You are right, it is not the most beautiful dress Mary has. But I think she wear is so good. With her fantastic body and dark hair!
    Maries dress, I do not like. Especially not the bag of the dress. But I really like the color ;)


  6. When I looked at Mary in her excellent dress, I couldn't help but notice she's not wearing any coat or shawl or anything to protect herself from the cold. Maybe it wasn't too cold that night in Denmark? I'm amazed that she can be outside in a sleveless dress in the middle of the winter! What is her secret?

  7. To BlueSaphire70:
    When I first saw pictures of Mary from the New year gala, my first thought was also: "is it not very cold?!" I really admire that she were able to look so amazing, while the weahter was so cold as it was. I would also have chosen to wear a coat etc. The only explanation I can find, is that she is not very long time outside. She goes from the car, up to the front door and then se goes in. She might only be outside in the cold for 5-7 minutes. I hope this was enough answer I gave you.

    HDS :)