Day 2. P4G Summit - 'P4G Award Ceremony'

Saturday, October 20th

Friday evening the Queen hosted a banquet at Christiansborg Castle on occasion of the P4G Summit taking place in Copenhagen from October 19-20th, here. Representatives from 47 different countries were invited to the evening event. Also the Crown Prince Couple attended as members of the royal family.

The P4G Summit aim to fulfill the United Nation's World Goals and the climate objectives of the Paris Agreement. The following day on October 20th the Crown Prince Couple first participated in a lunch head of the P4G Award Ceremony. Crown Princess Mary entered the stage and gave her speech. Her words were well chosen (as always) with a remarkable purpose. She then presented the winners of the P4G Partnership Award entitled 'P4G State of the Art'.

Both the Crown Prince and Crown Princess was in a splendid mood with a big smile of their faces. The couple chatted now and then with the other participants. The winners were also greeted by the Crown Prince Couple with the prestiges award.

Attending the lunch and P4G Award Ceremony on occasion of the P4G Summit, Mary was dressed chic in a brand new outfit. Heaven managed to identify both her new black blazer and white decorated skirt as Alexander McQueen. Great eyes of hers. I would never in a million years been able to identify that blazer. These basic piece always trouble me quite a lot. She matched her two new pieces with an old one: the blouse. It. has been worn on several occasions, herehere, here. The blouse was never identified. Not sure I prefer her wearing a black blazer like everybody else and it looks a bit too long.

Mary embraced the style by wearing a few reused accessories. The black pointed leather pumps are from Gianvito Rossi last seen at the opening of the Danish Parliament, here. We also got a glimpse of her exclusive leather clutch from Quidam, such as a pair of unidentified floral earrings. These features a rather large pearl. Both shoes, earrings and clutch have been worn before. The same goes with the three diamond rings. Two of them are created by Danish jewellery brand Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. A wonderful combination of rings. The middle ring's identity has never been confirmed. I even tend to called her hairstyle an accessory - so classy and feminin.

Blazer  Alexander McQueen Wool Blazer
Skirt  Alexander McQueen Contrast-Trim A-Lin Skirt
Rings  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Rings
Clutch  Quidam
Shoes  Gianvito Rossi Black Pointed Pump 105


  1. What a pity that she didn't give any colour because it could make outfit more attractive.

  2. I hope you can translate my french language…
    Pour moi, la princesse est parfaite: discours, maintien vêtements avec les bons accessoires tout est OK!
    Moi aussi j'aimerais la voir avec des couleurs lumineuses (rose vif, rouge, bleu "électrique") mais pour l'instant j'ai le sentiment qu'elle "fait exprès pour que l'on prête vraiment attention à ses discours: elle est chaque jour davantage "l'ambassadrice de la Couronne"

    1. I think I managed to translate the meaning of your comment ;) - though French is not my language at all.

      The Crown Princess was, by no doubt, dressed for success. Black is the colour to choose when colours are too laud for the event. But a little colour would not have made it anything worse.