'The Nutcracker'

Friday, December 1st

Though this happened about fourteen days ago, I thought you might still wanna know about it. 

On December 1st, the Crown Prince family enjoyed the evening together by visiting the theater. They joined the premiere of The Nutcracker at the Royal Theater in Copenhagen. The Nutcracker is a classic Christmas ballet that goes perfectly for families -like the Crown Prince couple. The wonderful story is actually written in 1816 by E.T. A. Hoffmann, here. Unfortunately, I never watched a ballet before but that is going to happen one day. More than once. We know about this visit because of a Danish magazine, who captured the family's evening, here.


  1. Henriette:

    Did the Queen design the costume/set for this ballet? I hope your Christmas shopping is complete and that you are enjoying the season thus far.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



    1. About the costumes etc. for the ballet, I have not been able to confirm that the Queen played a role. But for many years she has been working on the costumes etc. I found article telling that the Queen is part of the "creative team" for next years ballet. So, she probably was this year as well.

      Wonderful Christmas for you and your family!

    2. Henriette:

      Thank you very much. By the way, the "Nutcracker" ballet is also on my bucket list.

      Merry Christmas!