Church service in Vor Frue church

Sunday, December 3rd

It was on occasion of the celebration of the 500 anniversary of the reformation that the Crown Prince couple attended a church service in Vor Frue church. The exact same church were the couple got married in 2004. I bet it is always a very special feeling for both of them to visit the church. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary were in a splendid mood, when they arrived. The service took place around noon. Representatives from both the Protestant and the Catholic church attended the church service on this very special day. Not everyday we get the chance to celebrate a 500 anniversary. As part of the service, the representatives created a entry parade.

The weather is cold, rainy and windy these days so I completely understand why she has chosen a long wool coat for this occasions. Nothing else would suit as perfectly. Mary has worn the grey coat on several other occasions but I have never managed to identify it. Underneath it looks like she was wearing a navy blue or black fitted dress, matching the rest of the accessories because of the colour. Because she embraced the style by wearing her blue Quidam clutch and a reused hat. You thought it was new? -well, it is not. The hat goes back to 2011 when she attended the naming of a new ship taking place in Kalundborg, here. Personally, I loved her outfit back then a bit more then this time. Other than a hat and clutch, she also wore a fine little brooch and sky high pumps from Prada. Think I see a pair of diamond earrings as well. Wish I was able to get a close look at her outfit, especially the dress. Can't think of any old dress she could be wearing. But I doubt she'd be wearing a brand new dress for the event. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Clutch // Quidam
Shoes // Prada


  1. I love shoes.Except it everything is appropiate but not dazzling.

    1. I'm sorry to say, but I tend to agree with you. Maybe not the most well-dressed outfit. All pieces are beautiful but not as one outfit.