Golden wedding anniversary

Monday, June 5th

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary celebrate Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik on occasion of their golden wedding anniversary on June 5th. The celebration took place at Fredensborg Palace along with the rest of the family. 

On June 5th Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik celebrated their golden wedding anniversary and on this occasions the family were gathered at Fredensborg Palace. The celebration took place behind closed doors, but for a moment we were allowed to take part in the celebration. The Queen and Prince Henrik revealed their present to each other surrounded by their family. The gift was a statue called Miss Fredensborg and is created by the prince himself. The statue is placed in the private part of the park next to Fredensborg. It was just a pleasure watching all of them together. We rarely see the whole family gathered at once, so this part I really enjoyed. And I think they did too. Seems like they all had a wonderful time. 

Gathered at Fredensborg Palace along with the rest of the family, Mary was dressed in a lovely new sky blue shirt-dress from Stella Jean. I learned about the dress' designer from Kate, who managed to identify it at Stella Jean. A brand new designer to me. What I know this is the first time Mary wears anything from this brand. Hopefully, not the last time.

She accessorized the outfits with Hartmann's earrings, a golden Cartier bracelet, Prada sunglasses and a new pair of shoes. At first I thought it could be ballet flats and maybe they could be from Yvonne Koné, But I was terribly wrong. Heaven managed to identify them as heels from Ralph Lauren. Wonderful how casual her look turned out with a few accessories. Hope we get to see the dress and shoes again. Maybe then I'm able to determine where they are from.

Dress: Stella Jean Disordinata Striped Dress
Earrings: Hartmann's
Sunglasses: Prada
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Shoes: Ralph Lauren Petra Pumps

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