Day 1. Official state visit from Japan

Thursday, June 15th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are present during an official state visit in Denmark of the japanese Crown Prince taking place from June 15-20th. 

In the middle of my last exam, the Crown Prince couple were attending events on occasion of HRH Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan visiting Denmark as part of a official state visit, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Danish-Japanese diplomatic relations. Both the Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Prince Frederik are patron of the anniversary celebration. On occasion of the anniversary, several cultural events are taking place in both Denmark and Japan.

When the Japanese Crown Prince arrived to Denmark, he was warmly welcomed by the Danish Crown Prince couple in Copenhagen Airport. Handshakes and hugs were exchanged along with many smiles. It is not the first time all three of them get to spend time together and it seems to me like it's something they have all been looking forward to. The visit goes from June 16-20th, so they got plenty of time together the following days. 

On the first day we did not get to see Mary that much, but what I saw it just enough to express how impressed I am of her outfit! Someone called her look old and boring, which of course is fair if that's how he feel, but I do not see the same. I see a polished, sophisticated and dazzling Crown Princess in a new floral printed Erdem dress. With all the great accessories I think she makes it work perfectly, though the dress is rather long and features long sleeves. This may be the reason why someone would call it old and boring, but I can't tell for sure. She impressed me by wearing an reused Prada clutch, one we haven't seen for quite some time. Think it was in 2012, when visiting Russia, she wore it the first time, here. We have also seen her wear the beige snake pumps before and they have been identified as Gianvito Rossi. By coincidence I found out that the same model is available in blue as well and they look just as dazzling. Earrings and ring are both from Dulong Fine Jewelry. She also wore a golden Orit Elhanati necklace as well as that beautiful straw fascinator, reused as all of her other accessories, herehere here. Hairstyle and hairpiece differently makes the different if you ask me. Splendid outfit!

Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry Luna Earrings
Pendant: Dulong Fine Jewelry Pearl Globe Pendant
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Ring: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Clutch: Prada Leather Clutch
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Beige Snake Pumps

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