Skiing in Verbier

Since Prince Christian was just a little baby boy, Frederik and Mary have enjoyed a weeks vacation skiing in Verbier. Something they were also doing before Christian was born. Since then it has been a tradition for the couple and their children to meet the press during their holiday. The unusual thing is that last year the family was not going to Verbier (maybe because they spend all of December in Australia with the Crown Princess' family). Because of last years missing vacation I had completely forgot everything about it. Now I have been made aware that the family actually are on holiday right now. The Crown Prince, the Crown Princess and their four children, apparently along with Mary's sister Jane and her family such as a couple of friends. In my first post I shared some pictures from previous years, but now several pictures have been share of the family on the royal family's Facebook- and Instagram page taken by the Crown Princess. Even a rare selfie of Mary and her daughter Isabella. If you have already seen them, enjoy them one more time!

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