'Children of Violence' conference in Copenhagen

Wednesday, February 1st

Crown Princess Mary attended, as patron of the Mother's Help, the conference entitled Children of Violence (Voldens Børn) at Christiansborg castle, Copenhagen. 

It was such a please to see the Crown Princess at the opening of Copenhagen Fashion Week! I have always enjoyed her attending this annual event and the few years she wasn't attending, well it was just not the same without her. This morning Mary attended a conference entitled Children of Violence. The conference, which by the way took place at Christiansborg castle in Copenhagen, is organized by the Mother's Help. Both Danish politicians and professionals on the field participated along with the Crown Princess. One of the issues that was brought up during the conference is what consequences it has for a child to grow up in a family that are violent and how to prevent violent actions. The National Centre for Social Research also presented some of their work from a report on children who experience domestic violence. Also as patron of the Mary Foundation, Mary was able to share experiences from the foundation's project called Domestic Violence working with some of the same issues as discussed at the conference. 

Yesterday at the opening of Copenhagen Fashion Week 2017 Mary showed us an outfit that I think maybe disappointed some, but today... I can't imagine anyone dislike how she was dressed. Very business-chic. Don't you think? This blue and black outfit would do perfectly as workwear (which of course depend on where you work, ha ha). Or maybe family dinner. Really like her new By Malene Birger blouse. I have completely fallen in love with its sleeves and turtleneck, think it makes the blouse even more dazzling. Anything you like better? Another thing I am sure you noticed right away (I did) is that brand new necklace. I'm not a big necklace-fan myself or yes I am, but I'm not good at wearing them compared to Mary who regularly wear hers. Still, I have no idea where this could be from, but I hope we somehow will be able to identify it. Turtleneck + long necklace = brilliant! Embracing the workwear style she accessorized her outfit with a pair of Hartmanns diamond earrings, a black Prada handbag and... (now comes the best part) a pair of new pumps! Cap toe, pointed pumps in two different colours. With some help from Royals & Fashion the pumps have now been identified as Hugo Boss!

Blouse: By Malene Birger Blue Celestial Top
Bag: Prada
Shoes: Hugo Boss Ballin

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