Visiting the Children's House SIV

Tuesday, December 1st

Crown Princess Mary visited the Children's House SIV (Børnehuset SIV) in Farum.

About the Children's House SIV / Børnehuset SIV
The Children's House SIV / Børnehuset SIV is an institution for seriously ill children and their families. The children at the institution have many different diseases but the most common are heart failure, leukemia, other cancers and severe immune defects. The families of seriously ill children are often forced to live isolated due to a low immune system, which can be very lonely. Children's House SIV / Børnehuset SIV gives these children and families a place to be where they are able to develop social skills through play. Read more here. 1

I am not completely sure when Frederik and Mary along with their four children are going to Australia to spend December and their Christmas eve with Mary's Australian family. This will be the first time in about 11 years Mary will spend her Christmas in Australia. I think it will be a great experience both to the children and her. I think we all will miss them but I hope they'll have a wonderful vacation and Christmas. Before it's time to go Mary had her last job here in Denmark. Her visit at the Children's House SIV (Børnehuset SIV) is her own initiative and comes as an request from herself about a year ago because in February 2014 she handed over Cancer Society honorary award (Kræftens Bekæmpelses Hæderspris) where she showed great interest in the place, how SIV works in the everyday's and wanted to visit them one day. Now the time has come and exactly at 10:30 am. Mary arrived to Children's House. After a very windy weekend it was surprisingly a sunny day when Mary yesterday was in Farum. It was planned that she should meet the head of SIV Sussi Olsen, the same woman who was given the prestigious award back in 2014, the employees taking care of the many sick children. She was welcomed by Sussi Olesen and Board member Berit Torm, afterward she was given a tour around the house to see how the Children's House is furnished to adapt the children's individual needs. And literally Mary was everywhere; sitting at the table, playing with the kids on the floor, talking with the employees and a little unusual she sat with a child on her lap as it was time for a singing games. This is an important part of the process for the children because one would like to do as much as possible to help the sick child to develop social skills through play and interaction with other children. In her work with the Mary Foundation in particular the project Free of Bullying, she puts the focus on the importance of play and learning with others. The fact that the Children House SIV also is trying to work against loneliness among the parents of the diseased children, they have one more thing in common. It's probably not the most common form of solitude, and that is why it's so important we do not forget them. We really need to support institutions like these working for such an important cause. The pictures from her visit really made me smile and at the same time so happy. To have such dedicated institution is priceless and Mary playing with the children was adorable. I think it was a great day for all of them.

This last visit before she got to Australia with her family, she showed us one last suitable everyday outfit. Sorry but this month seems like a million year till we see her again, I haven't heard if they will be home by new years eve but I truly hope else we will not see her most wonderful gala outfit this year! Something I wait a all year to see. I think they will be home by than. Well at the visit at the Children's Home SIV Mary was dressed in good old stuff we have seen plenty of times before and also this combination. I noticed out there on the big internet that some of you were very confused about this and that. Here I mean when and where she wore these two similar outfits. That is why you have me. The first time we saw the jacket and skirt worn was in November 2014 when she visited the Herlev Hospital to hand over the Child Heart Foundation's scholarship. Like in 2014 she wore the  Isabel Marant jacket with a black knitted A-line skirt. It was identified by Kate so we should thanks her for sharing her findings with us. The skirt features a significant lace pattern which was a beautiful match to the jacket. She matched the skirt with black tights and suede Prada boots in the same colour. I have a similar pair, way cheaper than hers but I love them. They are really great for autumn and winter with both trousers and skirts. The colour makes them even more useful. Reused as the jacket she added jewellery from Marianne Dulong. I wasn't really the most amazing outfit we have seen this year but this was not what it really was about. The kids smiled, Mary smiled everybody smiled and had a great day!

Jacket: Etoile Isabel Marant Purple Ariana collarless jacket €2955
Skirt: Hugo Boss Black Knitted A-line Skirt
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Aqua Earrings DKK 13,200
Necklace: Marianne Dulong Roxy Mega Pendant DKK 29,700
Boots: Prada

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