The Mary Foundation work with loneliness

Loneliness has for years been a taboo to talk about in Denmark and probably most other countries in the world. Now Denmark's Radio (DR) has dedicated an entire week to focus on loneliness among Danes. More than 200,000 people lives in isolation in Denmark and it is become an even bigger problem the last few years. As you know, the Mary Foundation has been working to combat and prevent loneliness with among others the project Netwerk made in collaboration with Ventilen and the Mary Foundation. On that occasion the Crown Princess has been interview, here & here. The interview took place on Monday 20th after she had payed a visit to Falkonerg√•rdens Gymnasium. The gymnasium has worked with the Netwek project for some time now and the Crown Princess visited the school to see and hear more about their experiences. 

During the interview she expressed the importance of attention to the topic about social isolation and why we need to take care of those surrounding us. Social isolation is a problem that affect both children, young people, adults, elderly -all of us. At one than one occasion she has also expressed how important it is to talk about things; say things out laud. If I were you, I would watch the interview. It's an eye opener. 

Not that it really matter when we need to focus on something else, I can tell that the jacket she was wearing is from Balenciaga (SS05), here, first worn in 2006 on a trip to Bornholm, here



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