Birthday celebration of Queen Margrethe

Wednesday, April 8th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the pre-celebration of Queen Margrethe's 75th birthday on April 16th. The Queen's birthday will be celebrated with, among others, a concert and a gala dinner. The royal family were invited to attend a gala performance in the Music Hall of Aarhus in the evening. 1 2 3

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary in Aarhus

I start somewhere else today because I've got myself a new computer and I do everything I can to learn how to use it and it is not that easy. Hope you will be a little patient with me the next few weeks. I need some time to get comfortable with it. So, if you see anything that looks strange, please contact me. Thanks. Enough with that. Within a few days our wonderful Queen Margrethe celebrate her 75th birthday! A day the Danes are looking very much forward to. Most of us loves the royal family and find it joyable to celebrate the family members on birthdays etc. Today we got a little something to see what we can look forward to on April 16th. It all started with a carriage ride through Aarhus city, then a dinner at Aarhus city hall and we got a glimpse of the family on the balcony. Queen Margrethe was surrounded, not only by hundreds of Danes, but also her family. Prince Henrik, Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie joined her while being celebrated in Aarhus. A perfect way to celebrate the Queen and of course that is not all. Because she will be celebrate an entire week within a very short time.

With no doubt Mary caught my attention right away in her white pleated dress and silver luxe coat! It goes some years back, like in 2011 when she visited New York, here. Never been able to figure out who designed it. Maybe that problem has been solved now. Because according to a Danish magazine the coat is created by tailer Birgit Hallstein. The same one who designed her burgundy velvet gown worn at New Year's eve. Wauw... and just look at her hairstyle! Simple but beautiful hairdo and with the black little hat, her outfit was just like in the 50s. My guess is that the hat is made by the Danish milliner Susanne Juul. Back to the dress. To find the dress haven't been easy because I was not sure whether or not it was new. It reminded me so much of of this dress, here -think the picture was taken by Steen Brogaard. With help from Heaven we might have found the right dress at Paule Ka. Because she was wearing a coat we barely see the dress, but if you take look at the details around the waistline I'm quite sure the two of them are the same. Thank you so much Heaven to let me know about your findings! It would be the first time, we know of, to see Mary in clothes from Paule Ka. Besides the black hat, she wore a tiny black belt as well, her SAND Copenhagen pumps and her Quidam clutch. Another thing I really like about this outfit are the jewellery. She both wore the blue sapphire brooch and earrings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen

Coat: Birgit Hallstein
Dress: Paule Ka Crepe Pleat Dress (Pink)
Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Winter Frost Earrings
Clutch: Quidam Grey Calfskin Clutch
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen

It could be from...
Hat: Susanne Juul

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary attending a gala performance in Aarhus

After a long day in Aarhus with a carriage ride, dinner and a balcony scene the royal family were invited as guests of honor to attend a gala performance in the Music Hall, Aarhus. The show was broadcasted live on Danish television. I watch about half of the show and it was just fantastic. The Queen was congratulated countless times by singers, stand-up comedians etc. A wonderful evening and I really think the Queen enjoyed herself in company with (most) her family around her.
Prince Joachim and Princess Marie arrived first along with Prince Nicolai and Prince Felix who also attended the celebration of their grandmother. Secondly, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary arrived on the red carpet joined by their two oldest children -Prince Christian and Princess Isabella. Such a pleasure to see them together. We rarely get to see the children along with their parents, so when we do I'm totally thrilled. They are getting so mature already! Feel like it was yesterday they were born. Sure Frederik and Mary have the same thoughts. 

The first word that comes to my mind is: outstanding! Dressed in a reused black velvet Prada (RTW FW04-05) gown, Mary really showed that it is indeed possible to use what you have in your closet more than once. Know many of you absolutely love when she is in reused clothes, including myself. Fascination to see how she create a whole new outfit. The Prada gown has been used so many times and each time it looks different and new. She's a great admiration to me. I also struck me how incredibly stylish and well-dressed she is. I know you never ask a women about her age, even though we all know how old she is (43), Mary manages to use her mature age with all it takes. I'm only half her age and I can't wait to get opportunities to dress like her when I'm about her age. Other than the dress, she also wore a satin clutch and pumps from Prada. But what really caught everybody's attention is that new necklace (and earrings). All blogs, forums, sites, articles etc. are going crazy to comment on her new jewellery. It is still unknown where it's from -if she purchased it or maybe inherited it. Think many of us would like to find out. Some even suggested that it is her wedding tiara. Once and for all I have to say; then it has been under serious alterations. To you how watched the broadcast, I know that they said it was her wedding tiara but this time they have no clue what they are talking about. Mary is not the only one dressed to perfection. Her husband, son and daughter were just as smashing dressed as her! 

What I haven't commented on yet is her hairstyle, which is actually what really got me all excited. I do not know why. My eyes were drawn right at to her stunning hairdo. Made everything way better. Therefore I think I'm going to do a #RoyalStyle on this one.


Everything about the Crown Princess' hairstyle is stunning and the best part is that it's incredibly easy to do yourself.

1. Curl you hair. Any size will work. I would say Mary's are about medium size. 
2. Take a small section of hair at front -right behind your ears, make a soft twist or two and pin it on the back of your head. Do in both sides. 
3. Finish with some hairspray and you're done! The perfect look for everyday and evening. Good luck!


Dress: Prada Black Velvet Gown 
Clutch: Prada Black Satin Box Clutch
Shoes: Prada 

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