The funeral of Peter Heering

Monday, March 16th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the funeral of Peter Heering in the Garrison Church in Copenhagen. 

After a long time with illness had Peter Heering died on March 11th, 80 years old. With attendance of both family and close friends, he was buried on Monday. Peter Heering was the father-in-law of Crown Princess Mary's lady-in-waiting Caroline Heering who is married to his son Peter Heering (junior), which by the way is an old friend of Crown Prince Frederik. The Herring family is close friends with the royal family which is also the main reason why several of them attended the the funeral. Queen Margrethe, her sister Princess Benedikte and Prince Joachim were present when Peter Heering was buried at Garrison Church in Copenhagen. At last church service was held to honor Peter one last time. After the church service the Crown Princes couple gave their condolences to the family. 

My deepest condolences goes to friends and family who have just lost a dear and beloved family member. 

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