Day 1: Official State Visit from Turkey

March, 17th

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik hosts the Presidential couple from Turkey from March 17 to 19th because of a official state visit. 

Program: Copenhagen
  • 12:30 pm. Official welcoming ceremony at the airport. 
  • 1:30 pm. Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik attended the official welcoming of the Turkish President couple at Amalienborg Palace. 
  • 8:00 pm. Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik hosted a gala dinner at Amalienborg Palace

Official welcoming ceremony at the airport, Copenhagen

No matter where they are from, it is always a pleasure when Denmark hosts a state visit. Mostly we get to see all of the Danish royal family at some point during the visit. Around noon, 12:30 pm. local time, did the Turkish Presidential couple - President H.E. Abdullah Gül and Mrs. Hayrünnisa - arrive to Copenhagen airport. They we heartily welcomed by Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie as well as Princess Benedikte. The couple will stay in Denmark for three days, from March 17-19th. As hosts of the state visit, the Queen and her husband Prince Henrik, were the first to welcome the Turkish Presidential couple wherein they subsequent shook hands with the Crown Prince couple and so on. As always everything about a state visit is carefully planned about a year before it's actually happening. Three days state visit planning takes time. During the welcoming ceremony I sensed that Frederik and Mary enjoyed some time with his brother Prince Joachim and his lovely wife Princess Marie. It's really only at big events like this we see all four of them together. So enjoy the next three days! Tradition says that Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik official welcome royal or Presidential visitors at Amalienborg Castle and so were President H.E. Abdullah Gül and Mrs. Hayrünnisa too. Followed by a business lunch where Frederik and President H.E. Abdullah Gül attended along with Turkish-Danish trade and investment forum at the Confederation of Danish Industries. President H.E. Abdullah Gül also payed a visit at A. P. Møller-Maersk shipping where he, among others was given a presentation of their activities in Turkey.

To wear a black dress in March at a welcoming ceremony was maybe not what I'd expected to see Mary in but as always, she looked absolutely stunning and polished in her BOSS Black by Hugo Boss cap-sleeves dress and long tweed coat! Serious, what's not to love?! That coat with that dress is just a really lovely match. You might remember the dress from somewhere else because the fact is that she has it in three different colours -red, white and black. A simply dress in three smashing colours. Yesterday she had chosen to wear the black one. I'd love to tell you more about her dark tweed coat, not to forget worn at several occasions, but unfortunately I do not know much about it nor who the designer is. I think Birgit Hallstein could be an option. Have you ever heard something about it? Everything would be helpful. We saw her wear it the  first time two years ago when Queen Margrethe celebrated her 40 years as Queen of Denmark. Perfectly matching the coat, Mary accessorized her outfit with a pair of gorgeous burgundy Prada pumps, a box clutch (which is new??) and a pair of gloves in the same amazing colour! A clever way to add a little colour next to the black dress. Such as the Susanne Juul hat, wauw what a design and that hairstyle; I lost my breath for a moment... Looks really great with her hat. I'm pretty sure she is wearing her Hartmann's earrings featuring small pink diamonds. I also just have to mention Marie's look because I really think she was so pretty and girly in that dusty outfit.

Hat: Susanne Juul Leaf Felt Hat (similar)
Dress: BOSS Black by Hugo Boss Denna Stretch Wool Blend Dress DKK 2155
Earrings: Hartmann's
Shoes: Prada

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary attending the gala dinner at Amalienborg Palace

In Denmark we just love tradition, all time a year at all kind of celebrations. This means that we of course need some kind of gala dinner the first evening of a official state visit. Like everything else, yesterday evenings gala dinner was organized months ago so that everything would be perfect. And for sure it was! Dozens of special invited guests arrived, in the evening, to Amalienborg castle to attend the welcoming gala dinner along with the Danish royal family and of course the Turkish Presidential couple. In the right other did the royal family members arrived: first the Queen's sister Princess Benedikte, then Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, then the Crown Prince couple and last Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik arrived in each their black, polished crown car. Before finding their seats around the beautiful decorated tables, all guests were greeted by the royal family. Time for all of them to listen to the Queen's speech, welcoming the Presidential couple to Denmark with a wish they would enjoy their visit. Dinner was served, which means all photographers and cameras leave the room -the bouquet hall at Amalienborg, the room with all the huge mirrors and wonderful golden decorated walls. I wouldn't mind getting my dinner served there for just one night. Mary was sitting right next to President H.E. Abdullah Gül at the same tables as Queen Margrethe. Neither would I mind sitting next to Mary enjoying my dinner cooked by some of the most skilled cooks in Denmark.

I just love how Mary turned into queen of the night wearing this dazzling powder pink Carla Zampatti gown! Love the fact how Mary and Marie switched style from earlier in the morning -Mary was classy and cool and Marie was this sweet girly princess. Suddenly, Mary was the dreamy fairy tale princess and Marie edgy in her bright red dress. Love it! I am completely blown away by her outfit! So stylish, elegant and feminine. Actually it's the first time we see her wear that gown at a official event which makes it even more exciting. The pale pink gown is a custom designed by Carla Zampatti, created to the Australian Women's Weekly photo shoot on behalf of their 80th birthday last year, which Mary participated in. A red, yellow and navy colour were considered to this dress but it ended up with the pale pink brocade fabric and a customized variation of a previous Zampatti design, her off shoulder Tuxedo hem dress with a skimmed ankle at the front and a little longer train at the back. If you would like to read more about choosing her dressed to the Women's Weekly, I think you should read this. Here you also see sketches of yesterdays evening gown. Simply a wonderful piece of work! To match the colour of the dress she was wearing a pair of brand new pointed pumps, truly magnificent ones. Of all my heart I want to thank all of you who have helped my identifying these new pumps. You found them at Gianvito Rossi. If I wasn't troubled breathing regularly before, I am now after noticing her shoes. Even the clutch perfectly matched her outfit such as the huge pear shaped pink diamond worn as pendant in one of her large white pearl necklaces. This pink diamond has been seen on one of Bruun Rasmussen's auctions where I assume Mary purchased it. Really clever of her to choose the rose quartz earrings from Marianne Dulong (the pearl ring is from the same designer) and diamond wedding tiara. Not to forget the two, very expensive bracelets, on her wrists from Annikat.

Dress: Carla Zampatti Lily Brocade Tuxedo Hemline Gown (similar)
Tiara: The wedding tiara
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Lotus w. Rose Quartz & Diamonds
Pendant on Necklace: Pink Diamond Pendant
Bracelets: Annikat Wing Cuff
Ring: Marianne Dulong
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Mesh-Trimmed Suede Pumps


  1. It's a fairy tale dress, i love it!! Not very found of here wedding tiara.

    1. YES,isn't it?! I really l-o-v-e the outfit she wore at the gala dinner :D

  2. I think the gala shoes are the Gianvito Rossi MESH-TRIMMED SUEDE PUMPS

    1. I think you are absolutely right. I have found the model in the right color ;) will soon be in the post :)