The Cancer Society Award 2014

February, 4th
Photo @Agnés Colbert

Crown Princess Mary presented the Cancer Society's Award 2014 (Kræftens Bekæmpelses Hæderspris) in Skuespilhuset, Copenhagen, on occasion of World Cancer Day.

Even though Denmark is a small country, we have a big heart and try to attend as many international projects as possible. The way we celebrate the international World Cancer Day is with the Cancer Society's Award. To honor a special person or organization that have done something extraordinary in the work with cancer patients. More than once Mary has expressed how hard she thinks it is to see children get cancer. Something she pointed out again at her appearance in Skuespilhuset to present this years recipient. At the arrival she was given a beautiful bouquet of flowers by the most adorable lille girl, 5-year old Anna, in a pink tulle dress. A true little princess. So sweet. As usual Mary took all the time she needed to get the little girl comfortable in her presence. I reality Mary is still the same ordinary Australian girl and does nothing to be more special than everybody else. A thing, I think people around her feel. With a smile all over her face she shook hands with all she met during the trip from the hall to her seat at the front raw. Before she on her own entered the stage, a short film was shown with pictures of patients with cancer which had a huge impact on Mary. I'm sure it was a great honor for Mary, for the second time, to present the recipient of the Cancer Society Award 2014. The award was given to the childcare institution Børnehuset Siv in Farum which is the only institution in Denmark who takes care of children with a weakened immune systems due to cancer and other severe diseases. It was the proud Daily manager Susssi Olsen who as represent received the the award. It is the mother of flower-grild Anna, who was diagnosed with cancer in the age of 2, who had set Børnehuset Siv to receive this years Cancer Society Award. 

Photo @Agnés Colbert
Photo @Agnés Colbert
With a dreamy look in her eyes and the most magnificent floral dress, Mary won my heart instantly with this outfit! Personally, I am a huge lover of the 50s printed dressed with large tulle skirt and colourful patterns, red nail polish and feminine jewelleries. Which of course is one of the reasons why I adore the look from the presentation. At her last public appearance on occasion of the schools 200 years anniversary, she wore her black Prada coat, the exact same one as yesterday. Nothing new about that but the dress... wauw. All the credit to who found it goes to Kilimia, because this time I was not able to identify it. The stunning black and red floral dress is from Oscar De La Renta! A remarkable dress that shows the beauty of a woman's body. Just like the wonderful dress, she wore brand new black patent pumps which I strongly believe is from Gianvito Rossi because of the v-shaped toe. I haven't found the exactly same model but take a look at the link below and let me know what you think. Or maybe you've been able to find them? To match the rest of the 50s outfit, she wore a pair of beautiful Marianne Dulong pearl earrings. They look stunning all by itself. And then we are around her head, take a notice of her curly hair! Almost no hairstyle would be better than this. It's an easy updo to make but still it looks so glamorous especially with the simply eye makeup and red lipgloss. With red nails, her golden Shamballa Jewels bracelet and the stylish Carlend Copenhagen clutch this might be my favourite outfit of them all in 2014. (Though the year has just begun) Let me know what you think about her amazing 1950s outfit.

And of course I want to thanks Agnés Colbert for letting me share her wonderful photos!

Coat: Prada
Dress: Oscar de la Renta Floral-Print Silk and Cotton-Blend Dress $950
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Lotus
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa Croco Envelope Clutch DKK 9,000
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels  Royal Bracelet w. Argyle Pink Diamond Pavé

Possible identifications
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Denim Patent Pumps SGD$910.00  


  1. Could it be a modified version of this Prada Fall 2005 RTW dress ?

    1. It is a very good guess. But if you look at the model Mary is wearing you'll see that the flower are not the same and there is much more of the red flowers on it. But thanks for sending what you have found! :)

  2. Hi,im pretty sure her dress is from Oscar De La Renta.

  3. Thank you so much, Kimilia! I appreciate your help.