Day 1: A Visit to Mozambique, Africa

November, 9

From November 9th to 13th, Crown Princess Mary is visiting Mozambique in Africa as patron of FN Nations Population Fund, together with the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation, Christian Friis Bach.

Program: Maputo
  • 2:00 pm. Meeting with the Prime Minister
  • 3:00 pm. Meeting with the Health Minister
  • 4:00 pm. Visit at the AMODEFA Clinic 
  • 7:00 pm. Reception

After the arrival she met with the Prime Minister and Health Minister then visited AMODEFA

Shortly after the arrival to the capital Maputo she had a meeting with the Prime Minister, Vaquina. On her first day in Mozambique, wearing her fitted Denna Hugo Boss (BOSS Black) dress, she was met with smiles and happy faces wherever she went. Somehow, Mary natural get all attention not just because she's the Crown Princess of Denmark, she has a natural attractiveness. Bracelets and white pearl earrings are from Danish jewellery designer Marianne Dulong. Not to forget, the nude patent Jimmy Choo pumps that matched the beige belt in the waist. In the afternoon she visited the AMODEFA Clinic, the visit focused on early pregnancy and how to prevent HIV. She'll attend a reception tonight.

Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Bracelets: Marianne Dulong EllipseLumina
Shoes: Jimmy Choo Gilbert Round-Toe Pumps $175 (pre-owned)

At 7.00 pm., local time, she attended a reception

Africa is a country with a long and colourful history behind. When mentioning colours and Africa I think about all the amazing beadwork and clothes with colourful patterns. All this I mention because Mary is often seen wearing bright colours and at the reception she was dressed in the most wonderful blue lace dress! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to identify it but I really like it. So here I need your help. She had chosen to wear Ralph Lauren sandals and light blue Figaros Bryllup earrings found by Pernille. Thanks! The one I have linked to is no the exact same model, just so you know. She kept on the two gold bracelets from Marianne Dulong and the nice Carlend Copenhagen AICHA clutch. Look forward to see what she'll be wearing tomorrow..!

Earrings: Figaros Bryllup 18K gold Earrings with Chalcedons 
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen AICHA DKK 8,500.00
Bracelets:  Marianne Dulong Ellipse & Lumina
Shoes: Ralph Lauren Beige Exotic Leither Heels 

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