Day 3. Official state visit to Japan

Tuesday, October 10th

The Danish Crown Prince couple are still on the official state visit to Japan on occasion the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Denmark. Yesterday the Crown Prince couple visited Kanazawa, here. On the third day, the Crown Princess visited Funabashi while her husband payed a visit to Higashi-Matsushima, which was hit by a tsunami back in 2011 where the Crown Prince visited the city for the first time. Later during the day, Crown Prince Frederik visited the Earthquake Memorial Park in memory of the victims of the earthquake six years ago. Meanwhile the Crown Princess visited Funabashi Andersen Park, followed by a visit to the Nordic Fair in H.C. Andersen Park. The fair is inspired by the traditional christmas fair in Denmark. She also got the chance to inaugurate a new playground along with the Danish Minister of Culture Mette Bock, such as visiting the Children's Museum where she also attended lunch with mayor Tory Matsudo as host.

Here we go again. Mary in her stunning reused midi shirt dress featuring white stripes and the most amazing blue colour. She first wore this wonder months back on occasion of Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik's golden wedding anniversary, here. I am still not sure where it is from and I know I'm not the only one trying to find it. I have had several different designers ind mind but still haven't got a clue where to find this blue wonder. One of the designers I have had in mind is Ralph Lauren. I still do not know about the dress, but her oxford pumps have been found at Ralph Lauren (collection Purple Label). Heaven is the one who told be about the shoes, which is the same she wore the first time we saw her in the dress. Never thought we would see her in heels like these but they make a great match to the dress and brown leather belt. She embrace a summer chic style by wearing golden jewellery from both Orit Elhanati, Dulong Fine Jewelry and Cartier. Love how she's looking all casual, yet polished. Remember how I mentioned Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden in my previous post? How do I compared her with Mary in the new white Temperley London dress? The same goes with this dress I think. On occasion of her 40th birthday, Crown Princess Victoria wore an outfit very much like Mary's, here. Do you see the resemblance?

Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Esme
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Anello Pearl Bracelet
Shoes: Ralph Lauren Petra Pumps

In the evening, the Danish Crown Prince couple was back in Tokyo again where they visited the Japanese National Archive. Here they got the chance to see the exhibition Japan and Denmark: Valuable Records of the Historical Relation. The exhibition is created in collaboration with Danmarks Rigsarkiv and consists more than 80 valuable documents and historically preserved materials. All of these 80 pieces are documenting the 150th anniversary of Japan and Denmark's diplomatic relations. When the couple arrived, they were warmly welcomed by the Crown Prince of Japan and Ministers of Foreign Affairs from both countries. All of them were in a great spirit.

Mary was looking absolutely gorgeous in her brand new floral printed kimono-dress. Am I right? I am stunned about her new dress, which has been identified by Heaven as Stine Goya (SS2017). Think it is the second or third time we see her in Goya's design and she look's smashing. Don't think I have heard any negative comments about Mary's stunning look from the evening on their third day in Japan. And I understand why you love it so much. So, do I. She had accessorized it with simple earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry and suede pumps from Gianvito Rossi. Still, I am in no doubt that her shoes are from Rossi and that they are new. But what about the colour? To be they look white in most pictures, which I why I assumed that her pumps are white. Though. In some pictures they look a bit more pink (dusty pink). Some of you think her new pumps are more pink than white. This makes it much easier to correctly identify them. Let me know what you think. I would still very much like to hear more opinions about this mystery. I really love the simplicity of her evening outfit with all focus on the dress. Mary's feminine hairstyle and makeup beautifully completed her look.

Dress: Stine Goya Reflection Dress
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry Lotus

Ideas for identification
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Rosa 105 Suede Pumps


  1. Hi:

    I have been enjoying this visit more than most because it seems more thought has been put into the choice of clothing worn on this visit. More and more the crown princess seem to be giving a nod to her hostess in the form of dress and this dress is a perfect example. It is gorgeous! From the fabric to the style (kimono) to the artistry on the fabric, it is so very Japanese for lack of a better term. In the photo the shoes she is wear look like they have a pink hue, but then pictures don't always convey to the viewer with the correct color. Anyway, it was a great choice! I think on this occasion any other shoe color, say bright red or green would have taken one's eyes away from the dress. A choice of a red or a green pump would work well with this dress or even black for a different occasion and I am sure we will see this one worn many, many times.

    Oh, by the way the white lace Temperley dress fitted so well in the setting for that event. Also, I was curious that there might be a reason for the crown princess wearing an orchid in her hair on that occasion. My understanding from what I have read is that even though orchids are not native to Japan they grown them and are given as gifts to mark milestones in business. So, it is safe to say "there is a method to her madness": another subtle way of giving a nod to your host.

    Thanks Henriette for all the updates in between classes. I hope all is going well at university. Stay safe.



  2. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts, once again, with all of us. I think many share your opinion about the two dresses or maybe her two complete outfits. Both the kimono dress and the white lace from the day before. I have also come to like her kimono dress very much since the first picture. With this one dress I think she manages to make a beautiful connection (or even balance) between Denmark and Japan. Nevertheless, I have also heard people say it looks unfitted and not suitable because of the print. I disagree. She looks gorgeous in her new dress.

  3. Oh, well, I think the designer of the kimono dress got it right as in the fit of the dress one can easily conjure up the kimono as it is worn in Japan and that I feel is a big win. Whether one like or dislike a certain item of clothing worn by the crown princess does not take away from purpose of the sentiment in which it is worn and that I think is perhaps the reason for the choice in the first place--to pay homage to a host/hostess or as you rightly said to acknowledge a "connection between the two countries, Denmark and Japan".



  4. Hi I found some more information on the Ralph Lauren shoes Mary wore, if you want a non-ebay link.

    1. This is just wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with me!