Celebrating Prince Nikolai

Monday, August 28th

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Celebrating your 18th birthday is something special, at least if you live in Denmark such as Prince Nikolai does. Prince Joachim and Countess Alexandra's first born child, Prince Nikolai, celebrated this big day along with his family on board the Royal yacht Dannebrog Monday evening. The dinner was hosted by his grandmother Queen Margrethe. Invited were Prince Nikolai's mother, father, stepmother, siblings, aunt, cousins and of course his grandparents. All guests seemed to be in a splendid mood when arriving to Dannebrog in the evening. Especially Prince Joachim and Countess Alexandra showed great pride in what a civilized young man their son has become. Several times during the arriving, we have pictures of Princess Athena hugging her older brother with great love. Absolutely adorable. Also Crown Princess Mary and her four children were in a splendid mood attending the birthday dinner. We even got a smile from Prince Vincent, which we rarely see. Because of a IOC Coordination Commission meeting in South Korea did Crown Prince Frederik not attend his nephews big day. Usually, the royal family arrive by car but this time the Crown Princess and her children walked to their destination. Dannebrog was docked in the harbor right next to their home, Frederik VIIIs palace at Amalienborg. Prince Christians, in his black suit, was the one to carry the present (I assume) for his cousin. We differently need more of these family gatherings -am I right?

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Both Prince Christian and Prince Vincent each wore a black suit, white button-downs and butterfly's identified as Ralph Lauren by Royalty Wardrobe, here. Already two handsome young men. Their sisters in full-skirt dresses and matching white coats from ZARA, here, similar to one of Mary's. Princess Josephine's yellow embroidered tulle dress has been identified as H&M, here. I guess that Princess Isabella could be wearing her birthday dress, here, from Morley, here.

Mary herself was dress in one of her good old golden Prada dresses. I am sure I will be able to find pictures of all the events she has worn this dress, but I will try and if one (or two) is missing you let me know, right? The dress goes back to Prada's Fall Winter 2004 collection. Mary has worn the dress in: 2004, 200620092012. This proves that style never outdate. When do you think she wore it better? Any favourite look? I am very thrilled of her latest look and the one in 2006. Even the shoes Mary had chosen to wear are reused golden wonders seen at several previous events -I hardly remember half of them. She embrace the golden outfit by wearing her Cenius & Bach earrings and a Cartier bracelet along with a few other bracelets. I also noticed a rather large ring on her right hand, but I can't seem to find any close-ups to get a closer look. As goes with the arrival, another thing was a... bit different than usual because Mary did not carry her own clutch at the birthday dinner -her oldest daughter did. Princess Isabella had the honor to wear her mothers clutch and she did like a royal woman. I don't know if you noticed it before I mentioned it, but I love the fact that the Princess helped out her mother. Hair and makeup were exquisite as always. Overall Mary's look reminds me so much of a typical 20s outfit with the low waistline, embellished dress and soft curly hairstyle.

Dress: Prada Golden Ivory Dress
Earrings: Cenius & Bach Monogram Drop Earrings
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Clutch: Judith Leiber

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