"Women Empower Business"

Tuesday, December 20th

Crown Princess Mary was present at the reception taking place at the House of Industry in Copenhagen, on occasion of the launch of the book "Women Empower Business".

Just as few days before Christmas, Mary is still working. Today she was attending a reception on occasion of a book launch which took place at the House of Industry. The book is entitled "Women Empower Business" and is a photo book. Earlier this year, during the Women Deliver Conference 2016, taking place in Denmark in May (of course you remember that), the Crown Princess attended the opening of a photo exhibition under the same name as the published book. These are the photos used in the book, all in one place. Mary was the guest of honor when she arrived to the House of Industry earlier this morning. She was welcomed with a wonderful red bouquet of flowers. I truly believe it is something she has been looking forward to participate, not only because the topic is very close to her heard, but also because -as far as I know- this is the first time she has ever written foreword in a book. Beautiful she writes how important it is that we share the responsibility for a world where everyone is equal. Signed; Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

As I started by saying, we are only four days away from Christmas (of course if you celebrate Christmas on December 24th, as we do in Denmark) and sparkly clothes are needed. I really can't get enough of that golden Ganni dress and I love that's the dress she had chosen to wear. Feel in love with it the first time she wore it about a year ago or so. Not even in my wildest imagination I thought I'd one day be wearing the dress myself, but I did. Actually I wore my golden Ganni dress for Christmas eve last year. Honestly, you feel like a true princess! Believe it or not. Really a wonderful dress. Can not wait to wear it one day again. By the way, have you chosen what to wear on Christmas eve? I'd love to heard about it. Back to Mary. At the arrival she was wearing her black Prada coat, which is also where I noticed her long suede Prada boots. Not sure I would have chosen boots, but she makes it work (as usual). Not that I absolutely adore the combo, but it's a fine match. As accessory, she embrace the glamours style with a couple of bracelets -from CartierOle Lynggaard Copenhagen and Dulong Fine Jewelry. Perhaps also a pair of Hartmanns diamond earrings. Keeping everything classy, Mary wore a stunning Carlend Copenhagen clutch. Simple, yet elegant.

Dress: Ganni Schiffer Glitter Dress 
Coat: Prada
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Bracelet: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Band Bracelet
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Anello Pearl Bracelet
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa Original Croco
Shoes: Prada

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