Day 3: Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

Wednesday, August 3rd

The Crown Prince couple are present at different times at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They royal couple is accompanied by Prince Joachim and Princess Marie who brought all four children. Crown Prince Frederik attends because he is member os IOC -the International Olympics Committee.

  • 11:00 am. Crown Princess Mary attended the official presentation of LEGO-boxes given to the school EDI. 
  • Unofficial event: Crown Princess Mary visited the Danish swimming team during their training before the Olympics.
  • 6:30 pm. The Crown Prince couple, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attended a gala dinner at the Training ship Danmark.

Crown Princess Mary at the presentation of LEGO-boxes

Only two days away from the official opening ceremony of the Olympics, on August 5th, and Mary joined the presentation of 5,000 LEGO boxes which were given to 300 different Brazilian schools that are a part of EDI -Institute for Child Development in the Jacarepague shantytown. Of course she didn't hand over all five thousand boxes herself but some lucky children got the chance to meet the Crown Princess and get their LEGO box. Mary was warmly welcome at the arrival and given a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I think it was pure joy looking at the photos, taken during her visit, when she hand over the toy boxes to some of the youngest pupils. The smile on their faces is precious. Mary also listened to speeches and watched a concert Danish Radio Girls Choir who is in Brazil, along with a delegation of several Danish companies etc., to promote Denmark and Danish values. To me the best part of her visit was when she took the time talking and playing with the children who really enjoyed Mary's company. The Crown Princess was one big smile!

One of her old goodies! A white dream she purchased in Australia couple of years ago when she was ''home'' on an official visit along with her husband. Since then we have seen her in this WILLOW dress a couple of times, think it's the third time now. Here and here. At first I was sure she was wearing one of her white Hugo Boss dresses but now there is no doubt in my mind when I tell you it's from Willow especially because of the characteristic white leather belt wrapping her waist. Thrilled to see it again, but what makes me even more excited is the fact that we get to see such a fine and sophisticated dress worn with a pair of heeled ballet flats! Which by the why are new and because of Heaven I know they are from Prada. Thanks for helping me out on this one! If you manage to find a close up of her flats, notice the sweet detail on the white cap toe -a bow and stitches. The most elegant way she styled her outfit with golden jewellery from Dulong Fine Jewelry, Cartier and magnificent Orit Elhanati necklace. I can't ask for more; an incredible dress, perfectly accessorized with classic and timeless jewellery. Think the reason why I really like this outfit is because she showed us how to dress both sophisticated and elegant and at the same time casual. Sure you know what I mean. 

Dress: WILLOW Jacquard Stretch and Leather Dress
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Anella Pearl Bracelet
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry Esme Earrings, Big w. Diamonds
Pendant: Dulong Fine Jewelry Globe Pendant
Pendant: Dulong Fine Jewelry Anello Pendant w. Diamonds
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet

Crown Princess Mary met the Danish swimming team

Between her two planned visits at Jacarepague shantytown where she presented some of the 5,000 LEGO-boxed and later in the evening, a gala dinner on board on the Training ship Denmark. Suddenly photos appeared everywhere of Mary visiting the Danish swimming team during one of their training session before the Olympics taking place within a few days. Everything I read is that everyone was so excited and grateful to met the Crown Princess in Brazil. Danish swimmer Lotte Friis (the woman you see above, next to Mary) is just one of many from the Danish swimming team who have shared photos of the Crown Princess. To me she seemed in a really good mood; smiling and laughing all the time. I think is was a great honor for the team members to met her and glad she took time to visit them. The Danish royal family also shared a photo on Instagram, here, after the training session. All relaxed, it looks like a Mary really enjoyed meeting the athletes. I just love she takes time to do such visits because I know how much it means to the participants. Thumbs up from me!

Nothing fancy about Mary when she met the Danish swimming team during their training session. Completely relaxed and casual dress in a polo shirt, knee length shorts and a pair of sneakers. That's what I think is so great about Mary, because no matter what she is wearing she's just amazing even in shorts and a polo. We have already seen Prince Joachim and Princess Marie wearing clothes from the Danish label Vero Moda -who designed the clothes the Danish athletes wear during the Olympics, and now Mary has to. A dark polo shirt. I haven't been able to find the exact model of her navy blue short but I see they are from Nike because of the logo on her left leg. As always you're more than welcome to help me find the right pair. I think I see a bracelet and a pair of earrings but I can't tell you anything more than that. She accessorized the outfit with her black By Malene Birger sneakers.

Blouse: Vero Moda Short Sleeved Polo Shirt
Shorts: Nike
Shoes: By Malene Birger Cinca Sneakers

The Crown Prince couple, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attending a gala dinner

Around dinner time, local time, The Crown Prince couple, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie were invited to attend a gala dinner on board the Training ship Denmark on occasion of the ships arrival to Brazil. Also Prince Nikolai and his younger brother Prince Felix attend the dinner. Along with their father and stepmother, the two boys arrived on board the Training ship Denmark shortly before Frederik and Mary were sailed out to the ship which was docked close to the harbor. Once again the family was gathered, ready for an outstanding evening in each others company. Imagine what an experience it must have been for both Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix to attend this gala dinner. As patron of the Training ship Denmark, Prince Joachim expressed how proud he was to see the ship in the heart of Brazil. So why is a Danish ship in Rio de Janeiro? - of course to promote the Danish maritime industry and, even more important, the Danish-Brazilian cooperation on education. According to Billed Bladet, 40 Danish and 40 Brazilian students are trained to become ship's assistants during the Olympics. What an experience!

The first really gala event! Yeah. It took place around dinner time, local time, which means we (because of the time difference) had to wait till around midnight before the dinner was actually taking place. Despite we were forced to wait I wasn't disappointed by what I saw; Mary in a brand new colourful maxi skirt. Etro's exotic and playful design. It was ID'd by Heaven and Kate. Thanks to both of you! Looks like she is almost flying above ground wearing this skirt. Love the way she matched the colourful maxi skirt with a plain white blouse featuring a V-neckline. Accessorized with her silver lurex cardigan from Ann Taylor making it the perfect evening outfit for a Brazilian dinner on board a ship surround by shiny water, mountains and elegant dressed guests. Like the other days, Mary had chosen several bracelets from among others Orit ElhanatiDulong Fine Jewelry and Cartier such as a pair of new earrings -still not ID'd. The maxi skirt is the reason why I think Mary looked a little more casual than Marie in her dreamy white mid-length dress, which I think looks great on her! Two beautiful dressed women on their way to attend dinner accompanied by handsome husbands and stepsons. Finally some new photos appeared that gave me the, and you, the chance to find out which pair of shoes she wore. It can only be her beige peep toe wedges from Tod's. Still, I do not know anything about the new clutch. Looks pretty and perfectly matched everything else, but I can't identify it. 

Cardigan: Ann Taylor
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Piccolo Bracelet
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Anello w. Diamonds
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Shoes: Tod's Suede Peep-Toe Wedges

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