Roskilde Festival 2014

Wednesday, July 2nd

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended this years Roskilde Festival, all unofficially. 

There is a first time for everything also for the Crown Princess of Denmark. While her husband, Frederik, has attended Roskilde Festival several times before this is the first time he is accompanied by Mary. Oh.. I simply adore when we get to see the royal couple like this. Though they are followed by the journalists and photographers they still have time on their own. Truly believe they had a great day together! One of the big names playing at the festival is The Rolling Stones and with Frederik as a fan of rock music, they of course came to watch their concert which began at 10 pm. local time. The royal couple five hours before and had plenty of time to enjoy each other during the evening. Pretty sure it was a great concert from what I read. 

What to wear at a festival in the evening and the weather only promise you it'll be a late summer night? Well, Mary has the answer (as usual). Something practical and nice at the same time, of course. When her and Frederik arrived she was wearing a striped blue/white blouse featuring long sleeves and navy blue west from Moncler. Also that new electric blue down jacket is from Moncler found by Kate. The blouse I do not know anything about, but really all designers have a striped blouse similar to this one. She'd paired the cosy outdoor wear with slim dark jeans. On her feet she wore a pair of light blue sneakers from New Balance perfectly matching the rest. And of course, not to forget, a pair of sunglasses. Later she had a quick change from a striped blouse to a new t-shirt designed by Bjørn Ivar Liland from Olso on occasion of the festival. His design was voted as the most popular one. He won the competition among the designers who helped to design this year's t-shirt. It is also available in men's sizes.

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Jacket: Moncler Electric Blue Quilted Flavie Down Filled Bomber Jacket
Vest: Moncler Liane Women Down Quilted Vests Navy
Shirt: Roskilde Festival Shirt
Sneakers: New Balance 890 TR2, Blue/Green

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