Meeting About Global Inequaity

February, 19

Crown Princess Mary attended the High-Level Meeting Global Inequity in Copenhagen.

A little more about the conference: 
The conference is a part of the global consultations as the Un makes in the process of formulating in the development which will replace UN's 8th 2015-goal. The High-Level meeting will bring together decision-makers and ministers from several as well as leaders of the UN and civil society organizations to ind a solution, on an international scale, on global inequalities.

Dressed sophisticated in a dark grey suit, trousers with a jacket featuring a buckle at the front in the waist. The suit reminds me of one she wore several years ago, maybe back in 2004? Well I can't exactly remember when. Think she wore it with a pink silk shirt, am I completely wrong? Unusual she added a printed blouse to the suit in multiple colours, I'm not sure I like it. Too much a mix of colours. It hasn't been found yet but to me it looks like a Hugo Boss. The purple handbag we know the designer of, Prada and not new at all. The black patent shoes are from the same designer.

At the meeting, I noticed how well Mary blended in among the other members, nothing special to her because of her Crown-Princess-title. That's one of the reasons why I like Mary, in situations like these she's just like everybody else. She know that she has an important role to play.

Bag: Prada 
Shoes: Prada

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