Day 1: Wedding in Luxembourg

October, 19

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the wedding of Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg and Stephanie de Lannoy in Luxembourg

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary has arrived to Luxembourg

The photographers got a quick chance to get a few pictures of the Danish royal couple at the arrival to the dinner the day before the wedding. It was taken before the gala dinner. Even though they arrived more or less private, they both waved and smiled to the press. No doubt that I need to copy her outfit! The slim dress-pants and the white lace blouse with a grey cardigan is brilliant! Then she just added a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps, a leather bag and her Burberry trench coat. Look forward to see what she'll be wearing at the dinner. 

Coat: Burberry
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Décolleté 100 Leather Pumps in Beige

Attending the gala dinner on the day before the wedding

... A brand new shiny red Jepser Høvring (Spring/Summer 2013) gown! I would love to have seen all of the gown. She matched the Ruby Parure to the new dress and a red lipstick. I'm thrilled to see that some changes has been done on the necklace. I'm already a fan. Now we'll leave them alone until the big day tomorrow. Are you ready, I am!

Dress: Jesper Høvring Red Gown in Layers 
Jewellery: The Ruby Parure


  1. I would love to see a full picture of Mary in that red dress if you can find one?

    And one question... Does the ruby set come with two different necklaces? She mostly wears the bigger one. I have never seen this one. I don't hope she changed the big one! :/

  2. I would also love to have a picture of her in the red dress, but i can't find one...
    About the necklace; the big ruby necklace is the same as this one, but the small pendant is just taken of. I can post a picture of the big one and you will see very fast that it's the same one :)

  3. Yes, thank you. I can see it now. So you can still put the pendants back on, right?

  4. But too bad there aren't many pictures of her.