Skiing in Verbier

12 February 2012

Crown Prince Frederik's birthday gift to his wife was a skiing trip to Verbier, Switzerland. With them they had all four children - Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine.

For quite some years, the couple have met the press for a little chat. So did they this year.

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Mary stayed warm wearing the perfect skiing outfit. Her soft blue jacket goes back to the time when Prince Christian not yet born. I have never been able to identify it. I am not that good with skiing equipments. Sports clothes in general often bothers me. Let me know if you are more wise than me.

The lilic skiing trousers are brand new. They are from Arc'teryx. Love the color. Especially, matched with the blue jacket and knitted hat. Adore the hat. Makes me wanna have one myself. Maybe a smaller pompon would do for me.

A close look revealed that she was wearing Hestra gloves and LaCrosse boots.

Trousers ● Arc'teryx
Gloves ● Hestra, here
Shoes ● LaCrosse, here

hat, jacket, blouse

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