New Year's Eve reception at Christiansborg Castle

January, Friday 4th

Around 9 am local time the Queen was driven from Amalienborg Castle to Christiansborg castle as it has been a tradition for years. Half an hour later she arrived at Christiansborg as hostess of the third (and last) reception on occasion of New Year's Eve.

On January 1st she hosted the prestiges New Year's banquet with Government members invited such as the royal house staff, here. On January 3rd, among others, the diplomatic corps were invited to a reception at Christiansborg Castle, here.

The following day Queen Margrethe hoste her last New Year reception, which took place at Christiansborg Castle in Copenhagen. As mentioned before, she arrived in a gold coach. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary also attended the reception. 

At this third reception, which took place at Christiansborg Castle Mary had chosen to reuse an old blue gown first worn back in 2006. Since then it has changed a bit. Specially the skirt has been minimized. Somehow I prefer the old version, but Mary seems to love it this way. She has worn it a couple of times before, which is why I am sure you clearly remember it. What I have heard is that Henrik Hviid created her gown back then, but I have never been able to confirm it. Do you happen to know anything about that?

On Friday Mary embraced the New Year style by wearing her blue gown with simple suede pumps from Pura Lopez and a Quidam clutch. Of course both pieces perfectly matched in colour. Both in blue. She matched her look with stunning ruby earrings inherited from her husbands grandmother, Queen Ingrid. The same goes with the brooch.

Somehow I noticed her hairstyle as the first thing. That simple ponytail caught my attention right away. Amazing how she manages to make such a simple hairstyle look this great - at an event like this. Truly remarkable.

What was worn

Earrings  Queen Ingrid's Ruby parure
Brooch  Queen Ingrid's Ruby parure
Clutch  Quidam
Shoes  Pura Lopez

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