See ya soon

No more rain, rubber boots or summer without even a glimpse of the sun. Now it is my turn to enjoy some summer with my family. Tomorrow morning I will be off for two-three weeks to enjoy this years vacation in Croatia. Can't wait. It is something I have been looking forward to the last couple of months and now it's finally time to go. So, I am going to spend my last couple of hours in Denmark celebrating my birthday with my loved ones and packing what's left on my (very long) list. Something you can't live without when going on vacation? I can't go anywhere with a least four books, my sunglasses and lots of sunscreen. I have no idea how you spend your vacation, but I hope you have had plenty of time with family and friend during summer time. If you haven't already been on vacation, then I wish you a fabulous holiday with many new memories and pictures to remember it all.

Not much has happened the last month because the Crown Prince family has also enjoyed some time on their own. First they joined Queen Margrethe at GrĂ¥sten castle for a couple of weeks, then something a little more exotic in Greece and now some days on board the royal yacht Dannebrog, here. Because the family is back from vacation while I'm away, I have made of list of blogs etc. to keep you updated with the latests news. A new feature on the blog is called 'calendar', here all her upcoming events can be found. This is how you will be updated on all her future events from now on.

So, with a "Happy holiday everybody!" I wish you all the best the next couple of weeks. Take care of each other, yourself and your loved ones. Till, then -have fun and make lots of new memories.

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  1. I wish you very happy holiday ! ... Next year or later, maybe in France !? ...
    Thank you very much for your work and your blog !

  2. Enjoy your holidays!!! I am off on vacation soon and I can't wait!
    Thanks for your great blog and thanks for putting my blog on your links!! It means a lot to me!!

  3. Have a nice, sunny holliday. Croatia is a beautiful Country!

  4. Have a nice holidays Henriette!! Enjoy it and thanks for putting T&T on your list. :)

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