Mary's 9 Most Memorable

October 8th 2003: This was truly a special day. Finally the two of them were ready to show their love to the rest of the world on a press conference at Amalienborg, announcing their engagement. October 8th is one of many memorable days also when it comes to most memorable outfits. Feminine curls, rosy cheeks, that champaign coloured Kenth Fredin dress with matching coat and Valentino pumps in the same wonderful brown colour. The first day of many incredible outfits!

May 13th 2004: Yet another magnificent pre-wedding outfit we must never forget, is this bright red evening gown featuring that huge bow the back of the dress designed by Uffe Frank and tailored by Birgit Hallstein. With perfectly matching red shoes and Queen Ingrids ruby parure this is truly a remarkable outfit that will always make me impressed.

May 14th 2004: This might be the biggest of them all! Her ivory wedding gown. Like the red evening gown is her wedding dress designed and created by Uffe Frank and Birgit Hallstein in collaboration with the bride (of course). The gown is a mix of 100 year old lace, pure silk, innovative sleeves and edgy layers. Paring both past and present, Mary's wedding gown will be one of my favourite royal wedding dresses.

October 18th 2005: Around two years, after their engagement, we have this memorable day when a proud and extremely happy Crown Prince couple showed their first born son to the rest of the world. Despite this was only three days after she had given birth to Prince Christian, she was beautifully dressed in a classic black dress with matching tights and low pointed pumps And of course the kerosene coloured Hugo Boss coat.

January 23rd 2006: Three months later is was time to invite friends and family to the christening of their new little prince which was name Christian Valdemar Henry John. Her first child and the first christening of her own four children. Mary was in the most adorable dusty blue blazer featuring a white hemline and a printed Hugo Boss skirt. A very typical 2005/2006 Mary-outfit. It was also the first time we saw her floral hair piece which, by the way, perfectly matched the Yves Saint Laurent pumps. On behalf of the christening, Mary received the brooch as a gift from her mother-in-law Queen Margrethe. No doubt that it was a memorable day.

April 23rd 2007: The following year a little princess was born a few days after her grandmother the Queen of Denmark. Radiant as a shiny star Mary adored me and everybody else in a dusty Hugo Boss blouse, dark jeans and Prada pumps. Throughout the pregnancy her hair was short, a hairstyle I sometimes miss very much. Casual and stylish at the time only a few days after she'd given birth to her second child. Still, after nine years this is one of my most beloved memorable outfits.

July 1st 2007: Here we have an ultra feminine and pretty outfit I will never forget. Dusty colours seems to be a favourite choice for Mary at christenings and this dusty purple dress makes everything perfect -3/4 sheer sleeves, fine pleating at front and a lovely round neckline. Quite some years ago Mary found out who well nude/beige goes with colours and this is a brilliant example. What makes her outfit so feminine is sure the Rasoulinia peep-toe pumps and floral hairpiece from Salon by Malene Birger as seen the year before. Almost delicately she had chosen a necklace and a ring from Dulong Fine Jewelry such as a pair of diamond earrings. Very romantic.

January 14th 2011: For sure it came as a surprise to everybody when we were told that the Crown Princess was expecting twins! I almost freaked out when I found out. Nine months later the most adorable Prince and Princess were born. Proudly the twins met the world press carried by their mom and dad, who were clearly moved by the situations. It was with glistening eyes, matching rosy cheeks and a ruffle blouse such as a long black cardigan and trousers Mary warmed my heart on this memorable day.

April 14th 2011: At previous christenings Mary was dressed in dusty colours, feminine prints and romantic materials but this time everything was completely different. Almost, because once again she wore her Salon by Malene Birger hairpiece to make her 60s updo even more magnificent! When the twins were christened and given the names Vincent and Josephine, Mary was wearing a still unidentified bright blue dress. Everything classic, maybe even vintage style, we know and love was gathered for the party: white pearl earrings, the inherited brooch and not to forget her nude Prada pumps. Good-looking, mature and on the top of her game Mary impressed everyone in her eye catching outfit. 


  1. In case you still don't know, it is the "Zofir" dress from By Malene Birger.

    1. You are right, the two dressed are very similar but not the same. The blue dress the Crown Princess wore at the twins christening has a few draping's at front and no ornament on the shoulders -just to mention some of them.

      But thanks for sharing anyway :)