Dinner at Amalienborg

Tuesday, September 6th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary hosted a dinner at Frederik VIIIs palace, Amalienborg, for the Mary Foundation's presidium. 

This was actually something I had been looking forward to since I discovered the Crown Prince couple was hosing a dinner for the Mary Foundation's presidium. What I hadn't discovered was the fact that the dinner was taking place at Frederik VIIIs palace which means that the chances is very little that we will actually get any pictures. I was right. The dinner took place behind closed doors. Fair enough, they need privacy as we all do. And then, suddenly a photo appeared on my screen (the one you see above). A beautiful photo of a beautiful decorated tabled, taken by the Crown Princess. 

About six or seven years ago Frederik VIIIs place was renovated and right before the couple and their at that time, two children moved in in 2010, it was open for public visitors -I was one of them! I've probably already told you this but the reason why I tell you this now is because I've seen the Royal Dining Hall in real life and it is simply magnificent! Mirrors covering the walls, huge chandeliers hanging down from the ceiling and golden details wherever you look. A wonderful room for dinner. We were not allowed to take pictures, unfortunately, but I remember it as if it was yesterday. 

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