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Back to work

There is always something going on around the Crown Princess who is constantly working. Beginning of June she stayed at Gråsten castle on vacation along with the rest of her family, now she has just been a week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with Frederik to attend the Olympics, but is now back home ready to go back to work. On Wednesday a photos appeared on the foundation's Facebook page of Mary attending a weekly meeting with among others Director of the Mary Foundation Helle Østergaard taking place at Amalienborg around the large brown table. With the text: "We look forward to yet another half a year focusing on breaking taboos, disseminating knowledge and creating change for those who have bullying, violence and loneliness in the life. The plans are new, the basic idea is the same: "Everyone has the right to belong" the foundation is ready for new projects.  

The Mary Foundation goes to Greeland 

Mary and the Mary Foundation does not have to wait for long to get started because it is now official that the Crown Princess is going to Greenland along with the Foundation to attend a conference on domestic violence which is one of the fund's focus areas. They will also be visiting daycares and schools working with the Free of Bullying program. She also pays a visit to Nuuk shelter. They are visiting Greenland from August 29-31st.

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