Going to Denmark?

I'm sure all of you look forward to your vacation; that time a year where we get the chance to experience a new culture, a new country and of course meet new people. It is differently something I look forward to! This year I am going to Italy (it really doesn't get any better) with my family and I can't wait. Have you planned a destination where you are going to spend your holiday? Somewhere exotic, perhaps? No matter how you prefer to spend your holiday, I thought maybe some of you are going to Denmark or want to, after this post. See, I got the idea of a post written as a guide of things to see and places to visit if you are ever going to Denmark. Because this is a royal blog, I'm of course sharing all the royal places you need to visit -castles, palaces, royal exhibition etc. Sounds exciting? I hope you will enjoy my little "royal tour guide when visiting Denmark". I do not know if any of you have every been in Denmark so why even consider it? Well, because we have some of the most magnificent castles, palaces and lots a historical places you have to see and of course, if you are lucky, the chance of getting a glimpse of the royal family. Enjoy!

The Art Association GL Strand

Where: Copenhagen
Why: Of course because you have to see Mario Testino's photo exhibition Mario Testino - No Limits, his first solo-exhibition in Denmark showing some of this most magnificent photos including three photos of the Crown Prince couple and the late Princess Diana. Not something you wanna miss when visiting Copenhagen.
When: From May 13th - September 18th 2016
History: Crown Prince Frederik is patron of the Art Association GL Strand that every year exhibits between 6-8 exhibitions and among others live events, all of which reflect the times we live in.
Adress: Gl. Strand 48, 1202 Copenhagen
More info: www.glstrand.dk


Where: Kolding
Why: To visit the marvelous Fabergé exhibition. To experience the magnificent work of the Tsar's court jeweler and his connection to the Danish royal family. The exhibition was inaugurated by Princess Benedikte who along with among other Queen Margrethe, Prince Henrik, Queen Anne Marie and Princess Elisabeth have made this possible. For the first time are Fabergé masterpieces exhibited belonging to the Danish royal family. And to feel the atmosphere of an 700 year old building.
When: From May 13th - September 25th 2016
History: Koldinghus is more than 700 years old and after having been used as the city's protection for many years, way back in history, it is now a beautiful monument in the townscape.
Adress: Koldinghus 1, 6000 Kolding
More info: www.koldinghus.dk

Rosenborg Castle

Where: Copenhagen
Why: Because they have a huge collection of royal jewelleries! Everything from the Crown Jewels -worn by Queen Margrethe which one day will become a part of Mary's jewellery collection- to Christian V's dazzling coronation crown. This is not something you wanna miss if you are visiting Copenhagen. Additionally, the castle has a large collection of historical pieces that will make you drool as royalist.
When: See link below
History: After 28 years of construction the castle we see today was finished, build for Christian V.  who loved staying at Rosenborg. During these twenty-eight years the castle was expanded four times. The castle's rooms are decorated in baroque style that gives everyone something to be overwhelmed by.
Known for: ...its stunning collection of jewelleries and historical artifacts
Adress: Øster Voldgade 4A, 1350 Copenhagen K
More info: Kongernessamling.dk

Christiansborg Palace

Where: Copenhagen
Why: To experience for yourself the rooms where the Queen welcome all her guests at the most prestigious event a year, the New Year receptions. To wander around these rooms are so special. It's like you can feel the royal women walking their, as they have done for centuries, wearing stunning floor length evening gowns. A very unique experience. Right now, you can also get a glimpse of the work of the royal feast kitchen, see the wonderfully decorated Banquet hall and get a guided tour around the ruins below the castle.
When: Follow this, here
History: Right since 1100s has the location in Copenhagen, where Christiansborg Palace is located today, been replaced by several import buildings. Today the palace is used for both the Danish parliament, the Supreme Court, the Prime Ministry and of course by the royal family when big events are celebrated as the annual New Year banquet.
Known for: ... the Banquet Hall and colourful tapestries
Adress: Prins Jørgens Gård 1, 1218 Copenhagen
More info: www.kongeligeslotte.dk

Amalienborg Castle

Where: Copenhagen
Why: You really do not get any closer to the Danish royal family. The Crown Prince Couple are living right next to you just as the Queen and her husband when you are visiting Amalienborg castle located right across from the Opera House. Visiting Amalienborg you get to see some of the most incredible rooms beautifully decorated with huge chandeliers, gilded chairs and lots of fantastic paintings. The Amalienborg museum provides an insight into the royal family's history over the past 150 years which is truly fascinating such as its worth visiting Amalienhaven. Something you can't miss.
When: Follow this, here
History: Every year is several hundred of people gather in front of the 1750s castle to celebrate the Queen on her birthday and to get a glimpse of her family. Amalienborg is divided into four mansions, surrounding 'Rytterstatuen' that shows Frederik V. on his magnificent horse. Since 1794 has the royal family lived at Amalienborg because of a fire had taken place at Christiansborg palace, their former home. A magical place to visit.
Known for: ... being the current home of the Queen and the Crown Prince couple and the four identical mansions.
Adress: Amalienborg Slotsplads 5, 1257 Copenhagen K.
More info: www.kongernessamling.dk

Frederiksborg Castle

Where: Copenhagen
Why: Frederiksborg castle have the most wonderful garden to see. The atmosphere in and around the castle is so unique. Everywhere you look, you'll be amazed of what you see: rooms covered with marble, gilded chairs and marvelous paintings. On the occasion of the restoration of the audience hall, one can visit a special exhibition on Christian V. which tells about the castle's interior and use of his time.
When: Special exhibition, from May 12th - September 4th 2016
History: This 1600th century castle with its overwhelmingly Baroque garden is where Prince Joachim and his wife to be, Alexandra got married in the castle church back in 1995. It was build by Christian IV and is the largest Renaissance castle in Scandinavia. Since 1878 the castle has been the National History Museum, which tells a more than 500-year history of Denmark.
Known for: ...the castle church, garden and collection of armistice- and order shields
Adress: Frederiksborg slot, 3400 Hillerød
More info: www.kongeligeslotte.dk & www.dnm.dk

Gråsten Castle

Where: Gråsten
Why: This is almost as far away as you get from Copenhagen. Gråsten castle is a huge white monument in the landscape. Only the beautiful garden and castle church are open to the public and only when the royal family is not staying there which they do almost every summer. At more than one occasion camera teams have been filming inside the castle and gives the impression of a true Baroque and yet private castle mostly associated with Queen Ingrid and Frederik IX.
When: Provided that the royal family are not staying at the castle
The Castle church; from April 1st - October 31h 2016
The garden; see here
History: A rather small hunting castle was build, in the 1500th hundred, likely around the same location as where the current castles south wing is located today. Since 1603, the castle burned down twice and the castle as we see it today was first build in 1759. After an extensive restoration in 1935 was the castle given to Frederik IX and his wife as summer residence.
Known for: ... being the summer residence for the royal family and the garden.
Adress: Slotsbakken, 6300 Gråsten
More info: www.kongeligeslotte.dk & www.kongehuset.dk


Where: Kongens Lyngby
Why: Back at Sjælland, we have the Eremitage castle. A hunting castle located in heaven -almost. Out in nowhere you find the Eremitage castle, surrounded by one big park. The relatively small castle is a architecturally masterpiece with hundreds of details. A magical place, I can't wait to visit myself.
When: From June 1st - August 31h 2016 _ as group from April 1st - October 31h 2016
History: It all started in 1734 when a new hunting castle was build by Lauritz de Thurah on the location of a previous house owned by Christian V. Since the beginning the castle have been used for hunting around the park surrounding the castle and still is. You all know about the Hubertus hunt, right? Today the Queen uses it for special lunches.
Known for: ... its beautiful dining room, location, magnificent stairwell and the size and shape of the castle.
Adress: 2800 Kongens Lyngby
More info: www.kongeligeslotte.dk & www.kongehuset.dk

Better late than never. I had planned this post to be finished a couple a weeks ago but I've had so many other things to do. Still, I've really been looking forward to share it with you and now it's time! I'd love to hear your best memories if you have visited Denmark; what you visited, your best experience, advise to share with other etc. or what you would like to see if you ever got the chance to go to Denmark. 


  1. I'm coming to DK in December and staying for xmas and NYE.
    Do you know of anything interested happening in Dec?


    1. I haven't been able to find out if anything interesting is happening in December, sorry. But I hope you'll enjoy Christmas and New Years eve while staying in Denmark ;)

  2. Very interesting post! I hope one day I'll visit this beautiful country. Which is the most appropriate period to visit Denmark? Greetings from Greece.

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you find it interesting. The best time a year to visit Denmark? -well, it all depends on what season you like :) Personally I love the nature during autumn but to get the best out of it, I would say from May to September. These months it's ideal to visit Denmark. If you ever consider visiting DK I hope you'll have a great vacation here ;)