Annual Summer Photo Shoot at Gråsten Castle

Friday, July 15th

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik met the press at the annual summer photo shoot at Gråsten Castle. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have spend their vacation at Gråsten along with all four children. This year they were enjoying some time with Prince Gustav and his girlfriend Carina, his sister Princess Alexandra and her husband Count Jefferson and their daughter Ingrid. 1 2

So, my intention was to write you a fully updated post yesterday but then I was invited to join my aunt and grandmother all day and suddenly a friend showed up at my house, needing one to talk to. Then the day was gone and no updated post. So, not it's (finally) time for me to share a post from the annual summer photo shoot taking place at Gråsten castle. The Crown Prince couple and their four children have spend most of they holliday at the castle. A couple of times have we seen them on their way to Gråsten ringing school and of course no holiday without a day in Legoland. Now they're joined, for some days, by the Queen, her husband Prince Henrik, Prince Gustav and his girlfriend Carina, his sister Princess Alexandra and her husband Count Jefferson and their daughter Ingrid who arrived shortly after Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik. I'm sure they were all warmly welcomed by Frederik and Mary. It was Queen Ingrid and King Frederik IX who was given the castle by the State as summer residence, a tradition the Queen and her husband still loves to keeps alive. Now they gather together with the family every year. On Friday, the time was up for the family to meet the press at the annual summer photo shoot. That one time a year where everybody are really relaxed and casual. Something I look forward to every single year, sure you do as well. It was 10 o'clock when the family stepped out in front of the white painted castle in Gråsten, where they were met by lots of photographers and journalists who were all ready to capture a moment of royal history, once again.  Despite it was both a windy and cloudy day, everybody seemed to enjoy themselves and having a good time along with the rest of the family. Especially Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent had a really good time playing with the dogs. 

Because the atmosphere is just so relaxed, we also expect a casual dress-coat from all of them. And that is what we got. The Queen in a bright pink suit, marching all the girls with her choice of clothes. Both Princess Isabella and her younger sister, Princess Josephine were dressed I lovely pink and powder pink dresses. Meanwhile Frederik and his sons -Prince Christian and Prince Vincent- were all wearing some kind of blue clothing's. Mary wore a stunning new printed dress by SEA made of 100% silk, identified by Kate, Heaven and the sweet Pernille. Don't think we have ever seen her in that label before; have we? Over, she wore a simple black cardigan (not the best combo in my opinion), then a pair of pearl white Dulong Fine Jewelry earrings and some very colourful bracelet, from the same designer as the earrings, all previously seen. Another piece of jewellery worth mentioning is of course the golden Cartier bracelet on her left wrist. The famous Love Bracelet by Cartier. Though I like her new dress, what's really, really interesting about this look is her new brown heeled sandals! Since the moment I first saw them, I've been almost obsessed trying to ID them. The remind me of that pair of wedges Crown Princess Victoria wore during her public birthday celebration, here, -two women, same taste in shoes this summer. Up came a picture showing some kind of the logo underneath the shoes. No matter who I asked, no one recognised it, till... suddenly it hit me! Yvonne Knoè. Seconds later I found them on her website. Lucky?? -Well, I'm just so thrilled. The best findings I have made in a reeeeally long time and of course you were the first to hear the good news. After all, a lovely outfit with some really smashing details to look at. Something you would wear? If so, when or at what occasion? I would differently wear this at a dinner with my friends during summer. I found a collection of a few other of Mary's summer outfits worn at the annual summer photo shoot at Gråsten, here. You have any favourites?

Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Piccolo Bracelet in 18k Gold
Shoes: Yvonne Koné Gladiator Heel - Wood


  1. can i ask you about princess Mary if she has tattoo? i saw something in her back but it is not obvious/clear it was in The Queen's 75th birthday( ) and i am really love your blog ♥

    1. I am so honored to hear that you like my blog, means the world to me!

      I've never seen a tattoo on Mary and I see nothing on her back. Maybe you have seen a shadow? :)