New Family Photo!

About a week ago the news, finally, came that the Danish royal family are now on Facebook and Instagram. Two major platforms joined by millions worldwide. Now also the royal family. To me it was just incredible news and from what I hear and see, it has been a huge success! I really enjoy following the family this way, gives me the feeling that I'm a little closer to them -do you have it that way as well? If you have an interest in the royal family, it's differently worth joining these two new "groups". Enough about this. I already told you in a previous post how I feel, here. Only positive thoughts. The main reason why I talk about all of it again is simply because a few days ago a new official photo was published of the Queen and her husband along with their two sons and their wives. A lovely new photo of all of them! Taken by Steen Brogaard who has taken, over the years, a lot a fantastic pictures of the family. It was taken on the Queen's birthday at Christian IX's Palace (Amalienborg), when she turned 76 on April 16th 2016. I have no idea if there are any "special" rules when sharing Det Danske Kongehus' pictures published on these new social platforms but till I know anything else, I proudly share this new wonderful family photo by Steen Brogaard!


  1. Do you think Mary's pumps are New?? To me they don't look like her Louboutin.
    What do you think??

    1. Yes I differently think her pumps are new. If you take a closer look and compare the two of them you'll see a difference. The one she wore on this new family photo have a pointed toe which must be the biggest difference. I have a rather good picture to show you if you're interested. Mail me and I'll show you ;)