How to use: White

Summer is here and it's time for all of us to flash the most incredible outfits! So I thought why not share some inspirational pictures with you of how Mary uses different colours and prints. That is when I got the idea of these "How to use"-posts. One of the most trendy colours, if you can call it a colour, is white. To me it's the indication of spring and summer when it's time to wear plain white clothes. All dependent on what you like, white can easily go from a little boring to super chic! Over the years Mary has shown us plenty of outfits with white as the main colour. I hope the outfits I'm now going to share with you will be an inspiration for you girls when to pick your next outfit and you're considering wearing white, one way or another. Stay fashionable!


  1. Mary is always a source of inspiration!

    1. She truly is! We always get to see the best of her :)