Home Guard Land Exercise / Hjemmeværnets Landsøvelse 2016

Crown Princess Mary attended the Home Guard Land Exercise 2016 (Hjemmeværnets Landsøvelse) in the area around Fredericia on June 4th and 5th. During the attendance, the Crown Princess and the Queen -who was present at the Home Guard Prade taking place on June 5th as a proper ending on the exercise- are staying at the royal yacht Dannebrog during the exercise.  

The Home Guard and their Land Exercise / Hjemmeværnets Landsøvelse 2016
The Home Guard goes back to 1945 where 250 head of opposition movements met because they wanted to make an association in defense of Denmark's independence. This was right after 2. world war. Four years later it was official; Denmark now had their own Home Guard. The Land Exercise 2016, taking place from June 3-5th, aims to show the Danes what the Home Guard is all about and what they are doing as a military organization. 5,000 voluntary members are expected to participate this year. You can read more here and here.

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June 4th: Crown Princess Mary attending the Home Guard Land Exercise 2016

It seems like I'm a few days behind with this last post, bear with me. It has been some busy days for me and the weather is absolutely amazing in Denmark right now so I just want to spend every minute outside. You probably understand. But as much as I tend to enjoy the warm weather, Mary seemed to enjoy her two days in Fredericia along with approximately 5,400 other voluntary members of the Home Guard who all participated in the Land Exercise 2016. Proper dressed for this exercise, she participated in various training activities with different unions -the Army Home Guard, the Bussiness Home Guard, the Air Force Home Guard and the Marine Home Guard- all there to help Denmark in any possible way. During a warm day in Fredericia, Mary introduced to new technology that will help  the Home Guard in the future to improve their work in the field across Denmark. All of it clearly impressed Mary, who knows all about what it takes to be a Home Guard member because since 2008 she has been Ordinary member and about a year ago she was promoted to lieutenant. We just have the most cool Crown Princess! Meanwhile Mary stayed in Fredericia aboard Dannebrog, along with her mother-in-law Queen Margrethe who right now is on a summer tour with the royal yacht this year without her husband Prince Henrik, her husband attended Princess Marie's 40th birthday party in their house in Klampenborg with a couple of hundred invited. Because Mary wasn't at home, she didn't attend.

June 5th: Crown Princess Mary attending the Home Guard Parade along with the Queen

Well, I know she attended the Land Exercise over two days but I think it makes good sense to write just one post with informations on both days. With saber and a bunch of polished medals on the left side of her chest, she was proud attending the huge parade in Fredericia along with the approx. 5,400 other members. This is where the Queen comes in; because she will inspect the parade where Mary had joined the rest of the Home Guards members in a straight line. Usually Mary would be dressed in some kind of amazing designer dress standing next to her mother-in-law as part of the royal family but not this time. She was in traditional army green camouflage clothes as lieutenant -even dressed like this she looks gorgeous! The parade was held as a final event to some eventful days with the Home Guard. I'm pretty sure many Danes now are beginning to understand what they are actually doing and have been allowed to try some of the training activities. The parade was followed by a reception taking place at the royal yacht Dannebrog were I assume both Queen Margrethe and Crown Princess Mar were hosts. 


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