Visiting Fændrikhus in Gribskov

Saturday, 29th

Along with Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik visited Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary and their four children Fændrikhus in Gribskov in Esrum Boat tours oldest boat, the 100-year-old Viking. They are all staying at Fredensborg Castle 

Boat tour Esrum Lake
In the early 1720s used Frederik IV storerooms lake for fishing appetites. Today the place is known for its boat tours. Around the lake are several places boats can dock where there is opportunity for a picnic or can be used for bigger events which was the case this weekend. The group Nordkystfortællerne has organized a mini festival 'Woodstories''. 19 storytellers from Denmark, Sweden and the Faroe Islands were gathered to take part in the festival. Read more here

Like any other family, parts of the Danish royal family enjoyed the weekend together with a boat tour in Esrum lake near by Fændrikhus in Gribskov where the mini festival Woodstories took place. It was the 100 year old Viking (a boat) which transported the royal family members from A to B followed by another boat -Thor- with four security guards onboard. Like the weather, the family members were in a good mood ready to spend the day together. It was Queen Margrethe, Prince Henrik, their oldest son Crown Prince Frederik, his wife and four children including two dachshunds and a border collie who surprised both organizers, audience and tourists with their visit. According to SN the family really seemed to enjoy the day: Frederik and his father listened to all the stories which was told along with Christian meanwhile Mary used the time to play croquet (seemed to entertain Ziggy as well) with the other kids whom also fished in the lake with Frederik. On their way back to the mainland all their faces expressed that it had been a really good day. Am I the only one who, for a moment, wanted to have been there along with the royal family?

The weather was splendid this weekend. I celebrated my dad on his birthday on Saturday and we spend all day on the terrace all cover by lovely warm sun. I imagine the royal family enjoyed the day as most other Danes that day. Because of the weather, and occasion, Mary was dressed very casual in a white blouse featuring lace details and a pair of new printed trousers. The blouse she has worn at a previous event when she visited Myanmar two year ago but I have never be able to identify it. Still today, I have no idea where to find it. Maybe the blouse could be from the same designer as her trousers? Because on the other hand I managed to find her new printed trousers. These features a significant print of beautiful cranes. Not something we see often; Mary wearing printed trousers with such a... special print. Quickly I learned that this print is designed by Rabens Saloner available in several different colours both as blouses, kimonos and trousers. Unfortunately I didn't manage to find the exact same model as Mary, therefor two links below -one for the colour and one for the model. As the blouse, her hat is a reused one seen at the opening of Garden Living Fair in 2011 and the first day on a official visit in Australia in 2011. Lovely to see it again after so many years! Embracing the summer chic style I think she wore her t-strap Prada sandals and some colourful bracelets. Despite I'm a little surprised by the trousers, I wouldn't mind wearing this outfit on a hot summer day!

Trousers: Rabens Saloner Ika Crane Pants Green + ILDA Crane Pants Black

Possible ID's
Sandals: Prada Leather T-strap Cage Sandals


  1. Mary even makes a pair of khaki pants look elegant!

    1. Indeed! She really knows how to style literally everything -from trousers to evening gowns.