The European Conference "IDAHO Forum"

Tuesday, May 10th

Crown Princess Mary attended the official opening of the European Conference IDAHO Forum at Admiral Hotel in Copenhagen.

IDAHO Forum... a European conference held for the 4th time, this year hosted by the Danish Government. The IDAHO Forum marking the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. It takes place from May 10-12th in Copenhagen. With the title "Bridges and Alliances" Crown Princess Mary opened at conference focusing on LGBTI people and equality. You find more information about the conference here

According to several articles, it was a very enthusiastic Crown Princess who showed up at the official opening of the IDAHO Forum conference at Admiral Hotel in Copenhagen. It is the 4th European conference which this is year is hosted by the Danish Government titled Bridges and Alliances focusing on LGBTI people marking the "International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia". In her eternal struggle for both justice and equality, the conference was the perfect event for her to attend. A great start for her to practice when she very soon will be the head of one of the biggest conferences on girls and women's health and well-geeing, Women Deliver when it's comes to Denmark. At several occasions she has mentioned how well she is aware of her commitment and how/which attention it gives. She is aware of her responsibility. Mary believes in dialogue, that this is the way to makes a difference. With her attendance at IDAHO Forum in Copenhagen, she shows that very case matters to her and that justice and equality is worth fighting for. So in a brilliant mood, lightened up by the sun, Mary arrived and was warmly welcomed at Admiral Hotel. Quickly she entered the stage and spoke to the over 200 participants (from 25 different European countries) at the conference, like it was no problem at all she had to move across the stage to reach all of them. Relaxed she gave her speech in English, of course, talking about the difficulties we still have to overcome on social accept and that this is a international issue we are dealing with which must be on the international agenda as well. To you who would have an interest in reading the whole speech, then you find it right here. As I said, it is in English so everybody have a chance to read it.

Because of the heat and lovely warm weather we finally got in Denmark it's really time for shorts, thin dresses and sunglasses. We didn't get to see any short or sunglasses, but we got the change to see Mary is a fantastic navy blue knee-length dress and some incredible t-strap pumps which many of us would die to wear! Lets start from the top this time. I was sure her dress was new, so sure that I wouldn't have guessed it actually wasn't. Kate and I talked about the dress and suddenly she says to me "we have seen it once before". And she was damn right; when she attended RC65 Who Europe in Lithuania last year. It just look so different without the cape and belt, isn't it? The silhouette looks really stunning and hug her figure absolutely beautifully! Back in 2015 I had no luck when I tried to find out where it was from, neither have I been able to ID yet. If the style reminds you of anything, I would really love to hear your thoughts in a comment or personal mail. (It always makes me thrilled to get mails from you!!) By adding only a few pieces of jewellery, earrings from Hartmann's, a bracelet from Georg Jensen and some kind of brooch we have not seen before, she embraced the sophisticated and elegant style I love so much. For sure the most interesting about this outfit has to be her t-strap pumps. Matching the new brooch, her pumps are in a mustard or orange colour featuring python details. Incredible shoes! She wore them the first time at the presidium meeting with the Mary Foundation not that long ago. They are killer high and have a ultra thin heel, but they are gorgeous! I managed to find a similar model at Sergio Rossi and with a little help from sweet Heaven I can now provide you with the right model in the right colours. Thanks Heaven for your help! After all I was actually right about the designer.

Earrings: Hartmann's
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff in 18k Rose Gold
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Aicha Original Croco Clutch
Shoes: Sergio Rossi Brown Snakeskin and Suede Pumps

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