Congratulations Queen Margrethe!!!

Saturday, April 16th

Queen Margrethe celebrated her 76th birthday today by showing at the balcony at Amalienborg Castle with her husband, her two sons and their families. 1 2 1 2

A lovely day to celebrate our wonderful Queen! Like every other year thousands of Danes were gathered in front of Amalienborg Castle, in Copenhagen, to get a glimpse of the many royal family members and of course to celebrate Queen Margrethe on her 76th birthday. I have never had the chance, yet, to be their myself but I think it's quite a unique atmosphere standing among thousands of people and waving flags. I hope some day I will get the chance and maybe get my own pictures, that would be cool. For many years this "balcony ceremony" has been a tradition and I believe it is something the Danes look very much forward to, a special way to show your love for the royal family. I hope the tradition will continue when Frederik and Mary become King and Queen of Denmark but I think so. Frederik is a modern but also very traditional man. It was around 12:00 pm local time Queen Margrethe, dressed in the most amazing blue suit, stepped out on the balcony as the first one followed by her husband Prince Henrik. Shortly after, both her sons stepped out on each their own balcony with their families which now is now equal in family members -Frederik and Mary with their four children on the left, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie with their two children and Joachim's two boys from his marriage with Alexandra. Watching pictures made me realize how much I adore this family. I feel lucky to have such a family representing Denmark. It's really a nice way to see all of them together. Because we not that often get to see Christian, Isabella, Vincent and Josephine I was delighted to see them again. And Princess Athena, the daughter of Joachim and Marie, has really grown up since I have seen her. A beautiful little young lady has she become. Despite the weather forecast, the sun was shining when Margrethe stepped out on the balcony.

After four times on the balcony; first with her husband, then with her eight grandchildren, then with her two sons and they wives and last but not least one more time with Prince Henrik before they went inside to enjoy a well serviced dinner.

I'm sure you all noticed Mary! Well who wouldn't because of that amazing new fuchsia coat. She lightened up as no other in the crowd. I love that we get to see her wear some colours, finally. I know it's very natural for her to wear colours and she wear these bright colours perfectly. Luckily we are getting closer to spring which often means more colourful and printed clothes. Because the coat was the only new item she wore today, my deepest wish was to identify where it's from. With some help from my dear Kate I can tell you that GOAT is the designer who created this magnificent coat, I truly hope we'll get to see soon again. Isn't it beautiful? Both skirt and blouse have we seen before, at several event Mary has worn exactly this combination with the blouse, skirt and think snake skin belt - at a visit to Canada and Germany. You might also remember that the blouse is from Elise Gug (2013), featuring a lovely white pearl as button, and the black skirt is from Signe Bøgelund-Jensen, two amazingly talented Danish designers. The belt I have never been able to identify but there is also only very little to go for when trying to find it. Maybe you are more lucky than me. Looking for photos of her where you actually see her shoes, hasn't been easy. I suggested she wore her snake skin pumps from Christian Louboutin because of previous events and the fact that she wore a snake skin belt. Finally I've been so lucky to find a photo where you see a glimpse and it is her Louboutin pumps she's wearing! Then we have her stunning Dulong Fine Jewelry earrings and ring both featuring a white pearl. Lovely matching the button of the blouse. So classy with white pearls! Standing out, we have the large brooch on her chest. One great look.

And now I think it's about time I congratulate the Queen on her birthday. Wishes from Styleofmary!

By the way; the next few days I will post about her two previous visits on April 15th. Now you know. 

Coat: GOAT Wool-Crepe Coat €371.77 (on sale) 
Skirt: Signe Bøgelund-Jensen Double Pleated Skirt
Blouse: Elise Gug Longsleeved Top €349
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry Lotus
Ring: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Python Pumps $515 (pre owned)

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