Preview of the Film "Concussion"

Wednesday, March 16th

Crown Princess Mary attended the preview of the film Concussion in Copenhagen, as patron of the Stroke Association (Hjernesagen) and Brain Injury Association (Hjerneskadeforeningen).

The Stroke Association / Hjernesagen
With the motto 'life with a stroke' works the Stroke Association / Hjernesagen as an association for people affected by a blood clot or bleeding within the brain. They are a private national association also working with the relatives of those living with a stroke. They are working to make treatment better, to prevent and ensure that rehabilitation is the best offered to the patients. Read more here

Brain Injury Association / Hjerneskadeforeningen
Over 120.000 people live with some kind of brain damage in Denmark. The Brain Injury Association  / Hjerneskadeforeningen works to improve the terms for both patients as well as their relatives, they convey knowledge about the life with a brain injury. With the vision that saved life should also be lived, the Brain Injury Association do everything to make life as untroubled as possible for the 20.000 adults and children who each year are affected by a brain injury. Read more here.

I seems to have lost track of time these days because it keeps surprises me Mary is going somewhere. I enjoy writing these posts and always look forward to her next appearance but some how I missed both her attendance at Christiansborg Castle two days ago and the fact that she attended the preview of a film yesterday evening. This is why I appreciate I have someone to remind me of where she's going. It came as a surprise to me that Mary had been at a preview film premiere but thanks to some attentive readers, I'm no way behind posting about her latests participations. So Mary was last night at the preview film premiere of Concussion accompanied by her former sister-in-law, Countess Alexandra. Married with Prince Joachim from 1995-2005 where they got a divorce. Later she married  photographer Martin Jørgensen, in 2007, which she has also divorced now. Of course you know all about this. Just to make sure everybody knows who she is. They both attended as patron for each their patronages: the Stroke Association (Hjernesagen), the Brain Injury Association (Hjerneskadeforeningen)  and Countess Alexandra as patron of Parkinson Association (Parkinsonforeningen). The reason why it makes sense to mention this is because of film. Concussion tells the story of neuropathology Dr. Bennet Omalu, who discover the fact that football players are permanently injured with brain damage caused by the sport and who they are struggling with the injuries. It is based on a real story. Actors like Will Smith, Albert Brooks and David Morse all plays a significant role in the film. The premieres is March 24th in Danish cinemas. If you would like to read a little more about about the film, you find it here. Shortly after each other did the two guests of honor arrived to the Imperial Cinema in Copenhagen, first Countess Alexandra and then Mary who was welcomed by national chairman of the Stroke Association, Bruno Christiansen and national secretary of the Brain Injury Association, Niels Anton Svendsen. Perfectly coordinated. Both showed a sincere interest and joy for the film they were about to see. Mary and Alexandra were not the only one to attend the preview, several Danish celebrities did also enjoy an evening in the cinema. Wonder if the two former sisters-in-law got a seat next to each other?

Well, I have to say that I was glad to see Mary and Countess Alexandra attend an event together. It is so many years since that last happened and as former sisters-in-low, I'm sure they both enjoy seeing each other again at an official event. I think it would be appropriate to talk a little about Alexandra's outfit as well because of her former status as Princess of Denmark and the fact that she is a really well dressed woman. I believe she was wearing some kind of grey knitted dress underneath that warm grey jacket which I would have loved to see her without. As Mary she has chosen knee length pointed boots, which I will talk much more about later. The Countess added a slash of colours to her outfit with a hot pink clutch that looks so much like Mary's from Carlend Copenhagen. If you manage to find a picture of her, I recommend you to take a look at her earrings. So stylish and trendy! As always Mary surprised me with her chose of clothing's. It was a great mix of brand new items and some old goodies. At first my eyes was naturally drawn to the skirt she wore. That golden, shiny A-line skirt from Prada (Fall 2004) is just amazing to see again! It's quite some years sine she has worn it and I love that the fact that we get to see some of these old goodies again. Wearing this skirt again she shows how perfect you can reuse your clothes even after all these years. I think 2016 will be a year where we get to see much more reused pieces from the old days. Thanks to you I managed to find a photo from, what I would say, is the first time she wore the gold/brown skirt. It was in 2004 when she and Frederik attended the world wide celebration of the birth of writer Hans Christian Andersen. You see her in the skirt right above. Then again in 2006 at a WHO reception and of course we have the event in 2009 at a film premiere. Clear to see something has happened to her, the time has made her much more mature (of course) but still she looks as sweet. She paired the skirt with a brand new navy blue blouse which I haven't been able to identify yet. It features a lovely criss-cross detail around the neck. Maybe you have an idea where the blouse could be from, unfortunately I do not. I like the way she matched the skirt with the blouse and red nail polish, that's really beautiful! As jewellery she wore the golden Georg Jensen bracelet and a pair of round diamond earrings. And accessorized with the stunning Naledi Copenhagen clutch, her outfit works really well till we start talking about her chose of shoes. I simply loved these boots when we first saw them at Copenhagen Fashion Week last year with the blue Edith & Ella dress but this time... I'm not a fan, it looks strange. It makes her look shorter. What was your first impression of the brown Gianvito Rossi boots? Which will be myst last question for today. 

Skirt: Prada Multicolor A-Line Skirt
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff in 18k Rose Gold DKK 27,300
Clutch: Naledi Copenhagen Allana Latte Beige Ostric Clutch DKK 5,969
Boots: Gianvito Rossi Suede Over-the-Knee Boots €1055


  1. I don't know if it's the last time she wore the skirt but I think it's the first time :,+British+Library,+London0.jpg

    1. This was exactly the outfit I was looking for! Exactly that one :) I just had no luck finding a photo I could share but this is good. Thanks Heaven.