On a Weeks Vacation

Or maybe this posts headline should have been "While we are waiting" because that is exactly what we are doing. According to Mary's calendar nothing is planned for her to attend for quite a while. The only thing I know of is her attendance at the Women Deliver conference in May and not even that is anywhere to find in her official calendar. Meanwhile I have left my home for a vacation on the island of Bornholm for a week, something I have been looking forward ford months to with great pleasure! I'm here to visit a dear friend of mine, who has promised me to show me the islands wonderful nature and hidden treasures. And to you who have mailed me the last couple of days, you have my apologies because you have to wait a little longer for a response. Hope you understand. Because we have no idea when we will see Mary again, hopefully soon, and the fact that I'm not really there to post about it; I thought I'd share some good old memories with you from when Frederik and Mary visited Bornholm back in 2006, at the time Prince Christian was still just a tiny little prince. I love sharing old photos with you and I have the feeling that you really enjoy watching pictures from years back. Luckily I'm also able to share them with you because they are to find in Getty Images archive.

So far the weather have been fine but nothing like in 2006 when the couple visited the island; Mary was wondering around in bare legs with a wide-brimmed hat to cover her eyes from the sun, it's really nothing like that right now, but we see the sun and enjoyed every second of it. I hope you will enjoy a trip down back memory lane with these wonderful pictures of sweet baby Christian and some amazing moments with Frederik and Mary! And if you hurry up you now have the chance to watch DR's 7 programs Kongehuset Indefra again!!! -See ya all soon  /Styleofmary

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