Conference on UN's 17th World Goals for Sustainable Development

Friday, March 18th

Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of UN's 17 World Goals for Sustainable Development conference at Dansk Industri in Copenhagen.

It is no secret that Mary has been committed in the fight for girls and women's rights, health and well-being. She is patron of several national and international organizations, foundations and associations. Mary has often been one of the most wanted key note speakers at international conferences. She is advocate for an open dialogue is the first step to a better world with an understanding of gender equality and the benefits that are to focus on girls and women's lives. How little things can help to change the vision we have on gender equality; to focus on girls and women worldwide to improve their situation will, for sure, trigger a wheel of changes which would naturally happens -education gives the opportunity for a future with more money, the ability to take proper care of a family, a job will make life more stabile and so on. I could mention benefits after benefits of this approach as Mary  is the head of with her sincere commitment. Of course she is not the only one to work for a world without poverty, better opportunities for women and sustainable environmental approaches because in 2015 at a meeting in New York with the United Nations adopted by world leaders 17 world goals dealing with these things and many more around the environment, economy and socially. These 17 world goals are kind of guidelines for the next 15 years to develop sustainable solutions. Now about a year later Mary attended the opening of UN's 17 World Goals for Sustainable Development conference in Copenhagen with a ten minutes long speech in English why this is so important; something we can not ignore. We need to deal with issues as the environment and how we improve the living conditions for the poor part of the world's population. Early morning she arrived to Dansk Indutri in Copenhagen with a smile on her lips and twinkle in the eyes. She was welcomed by the flower girl Frida who handed over a wonderful bouquet of flowers to the Crown Princess. As written in almost every article from her attendance, Frida is a little special flower girl because she was born on the same day, same year and at the same hospital as Princess Isabella. As Frida, Isabella is grown to a beautiful young girl. Impressed by her speech, representatives from all over the world were gathered to make the opening of the conference unique. I haven't been able to find the speech anywhere but I'd bet it was good. Mary is a true speaker and knows how to get everybody's attention.

What a professional and good looking outfit Mary had chosen for the opening. The mix between something modern and fresh with kinda neutral colours. This was differently an outfit I would wear without doubting for a second. Everything looks really good, especially to this time a year where we still have changeable weather from sunshine to rainy days. What I first noticed about her look was the combo of work wear and rather casual hairstyle. A great choice! Funny why I noticed her ponytail as the first thing because it's just so normal, I believe it is the most used hairstyle by women across the globe. Easy, simple and practical. Let's for a moment talk about clothes. I'm a huge fan of matching sets, like in the 50s. Love then her skirt and blouse are made of the same fabric. Amazing every time. That checkered print reminded me of something.... When a reader mentioned the same, I was probably right. With her help we were able to locate which skirt we were both thinking of, a skirt worn last year at a meeting with Women Deliver to plan this years conference held in Denmark in May. At that time I was not able to identify where it came from, it reminds me a lot of a Dolce & Gabbana print but now when I see it as a set, I thought maybe Baum und Pferdgarten. Only an idea. Still I haven't found it and it's a least from a one year old collection which makes it a little harder to track down. You are more than welcome to help out and if you find something I hope you will share your findings with me. Thanks! This burgundy set, she paired with a lack turtleneck, sheer tights and shiny black pumps possibly from Gianvito Rossi. I think I see her rose gold Georg Jensen bracelet as well on her right wrist. In addition, Mary added a pair of round diamond earrings such as the black Bottega Veneta tote. I already have talked about the hairstyle. Fantastic! Just like her makeup; wauw! Lovely eye makeup and stunning colour to her lips.

Bag: Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Hobo Bag DKK 19,689.35
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff in 18k Rose Gold DKK 27,300

Possible ID's
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Black Patent Leather Pumps

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