Book Review: "Kronprinsesse Mary fortæller..."

I always enjoy time with a good book and love to find a new one in the bookcase. As long as I can remember, I have enjoyed reading books. Quickly I've found the genre I like which makes it easy to find new ones. A good book to me is filled with mystery, riddles, puzzles and a little crime too. Of course you know how it is, if you enjoy reading books as well. Sometimes it's time for something else. To try a new genre. Either it will a positively surprise or you will hate it. It's worth trying something new. Which was what I did a couple a weeks ago. I had a request from one of you  about a specific book. I already knew it but had never thought of reading it. The book I'm talking about is Kronprinsesse Mary fortæller til Anne Wolden-Ræthinge. Mary's first portrait interview collected to this one book. Despite I knew all the book, I'd never really considered actually reading it because I thought it was one long interview -question, answer, question, answer... Time to give the book chance. It's pretty old, 2004, which makes it not that easy to find, but somehow I think it was meant to be because the same day I visited a thrift store and there it was! Right there in front of me. Now I want to share my experience with you. I believe this is the first time I have ever did a book review in english and shared it with anyone else than my teacher. 

Kronprinsesse Mary fortæller til Anne Wolden-Ræthinge
The writer, Anne Wolden-Ræthing, followed the Australian born Mary Elizabeth Donaldson who was to become Crown Princess of Denmark because of her marriage with Denmark's Crown Prince. The conversations began in december 2003, shortly after their engagement had been announced till april 2004 where we all know they got married. In the book we meet a true and honest Mary who tells about family, friends, hopes for the future, why Frederik is the true love of her life, how she handled the press when she became public, her first meeting with the Queen and what her role will be as Crown Princess. We also hear about how she handled the lose of her mother by understand the process she was going through along her family. How she, through her life has developed as human and taken chances though she was scared of the unknown. Me meet a women who is curious of life and what is means. She also talks about fate and predestination. She quotes some of the greatest minds in history with an understanding and what it means to her.

I was truly overwhelmed by this book. Usually I would never ever have read it, biographies are just not me. Some would say I gave it chance because it's Mary but it really touched me. Her honestly is incredible. Her view of life is outstanding and I admire how she has been able to go through life with such curiosity to develop and learn about her self and get better at the things she wasn't as good at. It was really inspiring reading her thoughts. Better than before I understand what Frederik fell in love with. I understand why she is the way she is. We get her background, how her mom and dad taught her to believe in herself; what honesty, integrity, compassion and understanding means. These four essential things is something she mentions over and over again during her interview with Anne Wolden-Ræthinge. Because of the many spontaneous conversations between the two women, we get behind the facade and see a woman who is just like everybody else. Her passion for personal development is what I admire the most from this book. It was really a pleasure and inspirational journey to read Kronprinsesse Mary fortæller til Anne Wolden-Ræthinge which only took me about 2 hours to finish. It spoke to me as a person and it's for sure I will read it again one day. So if you ever get the chance, read it and sorry to you who will never get the opportunity because it's in Danish. But if anymore is interested, I will share this link with you where to find the book in antiquarian shops. Happy reading everybody!

Update: Wauw I really didn't believe this would be such an success. You obviously love reading books and would like to know more about this book. So I decided to turn your questions into a part of the post. Because this was such an success I wonder if you would like more book reviews in the future? I plenty of books I could tell you about. Let me know what you think. I hope all of you get an answer to what you would like to know.

Aspects that caught my eyes while reading... is differently how knowledgeable she is. The way she so humbly talks with the writer, Anne Wolden-Ræthinge. She speaks as if she was any woman in the world who happened to have fallen in love with the the love of her life. What also caught my eye in the book is the way she describes how insecure she really was when she met Frederik. It was important for her to take one step at a time. So the confidence we see today is something she has had to work with, but like everything else she has taken up the fight and won!

The personal development... was to me very clear while reading. She was and is aware of the importance of a personal development and she is curious to learn something new, also about herself as a human. She has taken writing classes, a model course and much more before she met Frederik to learn new sites of herself. When the interview is made in time where she develops most, because it is she needs to be able to take the role of Denmark's new Crown Princess, she is true to herself and what she stands for. Despite her uncertainty, she is curious and ready to give it chance. Much of this read between the lines, but she keeps returning to the development and the desire to develop.

Her values... is not something she directly talks about in the book but among other she talks about moral and ethics, what this means to her. "Morality means what you should do because it feels ---and is perceives --- as the right to do." "Life is all about love and happiness. But also to grow and self-development." "After all, we are here to love and be happy." Three quotes that says everything. All three, are translated to english, from the book. Honesty, integrity, compassion and understanding are also mentioned over and over again by her in the book -four words I think describes much about her values and what she stands for.

Does she believe in fate... yes in a way she does. Because she met Frederik they way she did and because she is (or was) where she is; standing only a few steps away from a new country, a new family, new friends and a whole new world to conquer. It makes her believe that there for "something" out there. A friend once told her that there is a difference between fate and predestination. Predestination is what you were born to do and fate is how you choose to do it.

The meeting with the Queen... wasn't really something Mary was prepare for. Frederik and her didn't that much about the meeting. He told her about how to act, what was etiquette to do when meeting her. He told her: "Just be yourself". I think this meeting have been dramatized so much and still is. But I really do not think it was such a bad 'first meeting' for the two of them. She met the Queen in around april 2002, while she was living in Paris. The Queen was sympathetic and understood the importance to their relationship. 


  1. Great review! I hope you can share with us some aspects of the book that caught your eye - unfortunately I doubt most of us will read this as we lack the Danish skills! But her personal development and what she tells about her values sound very interesting, and also her views on fate! Shame that it's never been translated into english, i believe the Australian market would love to read this!

    1. I'm pleased to hear you like the review! :) I think it turned out pretty well. I sense it was a success. I hope I have managed to answer your questions about the book in the post. For all english-speaking people loving Mary, I would so much hope they would publish more book in english. Maybe they will, who knows? I will do what I can to share what's standing on my bookcase with you ;)

  2. Thank you for this book review. I have a question. Did the publication of this book coincide with the wedding or was it published afterwards? This is a very good idea to review books as part of your blog, especially those that are not available to the English speaking world. There is quite a vacuum in terms of factual information about the current Danish Royal Family: an unknown quantity, if you well. My hope is that with the popularity of the DRF will come more books!

    All the best.


    1. I'm glad you like it :) Unfortunately I do not think there are too many books written about the Danish Royal family in English. But then I have the chance to share some of them with you with these book reviews. I still have plenty of books to share with you -if that would have any interesting to any of you ;) About your question, then I believe the book was published after the wedding. It only says 2004 inside the book and the last conversation happened in april 2004, so after all I think it was published after their wedding.

  3. Thank you. I am happy that you will share more books on the Princess in the future. We here in the English speaking world are starved for information that's factual--we get information from blogs and such which only whet our appetite for more. You know, 2004 is a long time ago when looked at from the perspective of the accomplishments of the Princess--she has most certainly grown in leaps and bounds since then, so it is time for a book, wouldn't you say?

    Once again, thank you for your dedication to this blog.


    1. It is differently time for a new book! I always think it's time for new books about her and her lovely family ;) What I know of, it's been a while since we have had something new, nothing new has been written for quite some time. I have most books about her, of course I miss some but I always keep my eyes open. So, now I need to find out which book I will share with you next :)

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