A True Mystery has been Solved!

A mystery I never in a million years would have imagined would be solved, but thanks to some attentive eyes yet one more mystery has been solved. Now you might think I'm a little crazy and you'd may be right but I'm sure you will too when you hear the good news. It is something I never thought we would find out more details about but somehow we did. By looking at the three pictures I think you have an idea what's been found and you're right; that magnificent necklace/tiara and those stunning earrings are after a long time found sold at an Bruun Rasmussen auction back in 2012. Three years later Mary showed up at a gala concert on occasion of Queen Margrethe's forthcoming 75th birthday in April (below), wearing a "new" necklace and a pair of earrings never seen before. She stunned the world with her new jewellery and everybody kept asking the same question: where's it from? Because of the style I was sure it could have been inherited from one of Crown Prince Frederik's great great something grandmothers. But no one seemed to have any idea where to find out more about these two new pieces. Many guessed, including myself, that there was a great chance the necklace could be worn as a tiara, just like her wedding tiara can do both. Wupti, one year later, in 2016, Mary appeared at a gala dinner wearing her neck piece as a tiara on top of her head (above). Once again we began asking ourselves and other royal lovers, where to find out more about it. Still, nothing. Then suddenly a Danish magazine reported that Mary herself had purchased both pieces on an auction but that was all, no further information. Enough about all that talking. Today I received two photos showing Mary's necklace/tiara and earrings inside a catalog from Bruun Rasmussen's Bredgade auction, which is where all the exclusive pieces are sold: here and here It showed how beautifully both earrings and necklace are featuring rose and old-cut diamonds, rubies and spinels. Furthermore it says that: "The necklace was originally used as a tiara." Of all my heart I hope we will get to see her use both pieces over and over again in the future because it suits her so well and simply makes her look like the star she is!

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